First Clash of Kings 2022 battle

My close friend and I played our first Clash of Kings 2022 game over Thanksgiving weekend. Standard 2,000 point lists of Undead vs Green Lady – we loved the improvements.

Having more spells options makes necromancers so much more versatile. Also, my friend noted that the Order of the Redemption having Crushing Str (1) and Thunderous Charge (1) makes them so much more reliable – I can concur too. My soul reavers were not enough to take them out (although, I blame the poor nerve rolls).

It was a great weekend.

Also, thank you @Angrypearl for the ‘Monster Scenery – Verdant Trees’ recommendation – they’re great for my table.


Good to hear! Nice armies and battlefield, it all looks great.

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Thank you, sir!

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They are very nice looking trees indeed, and it seems as though it was a fun game.

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