First Clash of Kings book in 3rd ed?

Is the idea that they’ll miss a year to let the new edition bed in?

So 2021?

Probably, we haven’t heard yet though.

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We should learn pretty soon. According to the information provided in the Mantic newsletter the company plans for KoW in 2020 will be revealed on their blog on December 27.


i would hope that 2020 would see further expansions first… either another army list book with some of the lists that have been hinted at being in development, or campaign books with more mission types and other expansions to basic game play. (like an updated reprint of the siege rules)

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In fact, I think we may get CoK supplement next year despite a recent release of the 3ed rules. My guess is it will contain formations and the release may be delayed to spring/summer 2020.

Concerning other KoW news, everything suggests that salamanders may get some love next year. As the Scorchwings replaced Great eagles in the FoN list I bet Mantic has models for them in the pipeline to follow the release of their bigger kin, the Phoenix titan.

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Formations, spells that interact with spellcaster levels, seige and a campaign system? Plus errata and faq?

Given that the models for League of Infamy will be out around Dec 2020… id expect something to line up with them.

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There will be no CoK book until December 2020.


Out of curiosity, what’s the time line on generating the content, submitting it and it’s release?

i’d like to see an updated Siege and campaign system as a standalone product, not a CoK20## one. perhaps a ‘generals manual’ type product, with the updated rules for sieges and all the various expanded scenario options from 2nd ed included, as well as the campaign system(s) reprinted. i don’t think there should be an actual lore relevant campaign included (no mortibris or expansion of the abyss for example), rather a couple simple generic campaigns using the scenario options from the product and the main book. maybe a “border conflict” type campaign, detailing out a simple ‘Tree campaign’ as a neighboring power invades your territory and you respond. keep it generic so that anyone can use what armies they have for it, and can come up with a narrative themselves that fits with their own army backstories, or just fits the kind of story they want to envision.

then once that product is out, future lore relevant narrative campaign products in the vein of 2nd editions Destiny of Kings and Edge of the Abyss can only reprint the bare bones campaign and scenario info needed to do the contents and refer to the standalone for more advanced campaign options.

i think i’d prefer to see new lists, spells, and formations in their own products… something that isn’t tied to the campaign books. honestly i’d rather them be an “exploring pannithor” type product, dedicated to expanding the setting and options, and just make the CoK update books an entirely seperate digital product released at low cost and focused entirely on the updates. a fancier version of the FAQ essentially. asking players to buy an a full sourcebook every year just to get the essential updates seems a little exploitative… not quite Games Workshop level but still a little underhanded.

so what i’d like to see:
generals manual - updated and expanded campaign system(s), new scenarios, siege rules.
Exploring Pannithor series - new lists, themes, spells, and formations.
Clash of Kings #### - cheap digital product, with edits, eratta, and updated statblocks.