First steps off the island. Salamanders taking shape!

Finally got some paint on my new salamanders. I like how they turned out, but I really gotta get faster at batch painting. Used mostly contrast paints for these salamander primes, trying to go for very warm colors. The nuln oil wash brings everything together though.

My plan is to have the primes be looking like what you see above, the Unblooded to be yellow skin with orange plates , and the ancients to be red skinned and black plates. Basically showing the progression from burning hot to burning out.

And because I like the salamanders fluff so much, I got an armada fleet as well! I decided to go with warm colors again… and then realized I basically matched the paint job mantic made. I think I am going to go for a different sail color in the future, just don’t know what.


Took a while to say the least, but got my first regiment of salamanders done. At least, calling it done at 15. I messed up the model side of things so they don’t fit perfectly in rank and file without some finagling.

Happy with the result though, and looks good enough for table top.

Only 47 more to go, but I think I am going to paint some tyrants next!


I’d say that’s a good looking regiment! They seem like they would be a bit of a challenge for ranking up. I really like the idea of different colors to indicate the different stages of cooling.


the tails are the biggest pain. I think this next batch I’m building will be made so they are looking towards the left (like the standard bearer) just because then they can be placed so their tails are not hanging over the edge.

I will say, this is convincing me to start multi basing for everything else!


Alright, didn’t post pictures but I got some work done. Finished my tyrants at least, and these were kinda a pain. I think they turned out well, but there are some gaps in the jaw areas I didn’t notice till everything was primed and paint was on the model.

The worst one I made to look like he just got an axe to the face. I think it worked well honestly

Anyways, just started on my ancients. Got about four done, but so far pretty happy with them. Dunno how visible it is, but I tried to show the burn out of fire on these models with a slight shift in colors.


Looking good!

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Tyrants look fantastic, man those are great sculpts. For the Ancients, sounds like you’re distinguishing them by making them darker, like their fires have burned low / long? I can dig that. Another thought, what about swapping their paint scheme? Black scales + red shields.

EDIT: Actually it looks like you’ve blacked out some of the more armor-y bits of scale, nice!


Finally got my ancients completed. Used a lot of the fire swords I had left over, and generally used bladed weapon for these guys. Was actually pretty hard to fit everyone on the base, and ended up only using 7 per troop base


Spent two weeks painting my Clan lord on fire drake, and nothing was as heartbreaking as this model was for me. Shade paint going on glossy instead of clear, the model being surprisingly brittle with parts breaking off, and droppingthe clan lord itself right at the finish line. This has been a painful chore start to finish, but I am happy it turned out mostly well

Probably going to get another dragon someday in the future, but for now I need a small break. Most heartbreaking was the spear in the rider’s right hand breaking and still being unable to find it.


Way to persevere, the end result is quite the centerpiece! I wouldn’t have thought to scale up the rider too but he’s certainly super imposing.

I also could have sworn I commented on the Ancients, but either way, they look great as a unit! The color differences really work together to make a darker, harder looking bunch.


These are incredible. Great work!

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Thanks! next up is the pheonix that @Cartwright will see tomorrow before I paint it. Then… I work on a mage priest, work ob my final 15 primes, a lekeidon, and hopefully the stuff I ordered from etsy will arrive.

Looking forward to it!