Flexible multi-bases

Hello! I am currently about to pull the trigger on my first 3d printer, mainly to finish up my KoW army and to start getting more non-GW models

Considering how I want to use calvary in both KoW, One page Rules and Age of sigmar, I really don’t want to paint models multiple times just to stick them on different kinds of bases. Anyone have any tips to make this more flexible? I found some movement trays on thingsiverse but not a lot really fit in with what I have in mind. I want to use raptor cav as salamander Rhino calvary in KOW, and am thinking of a way to fit 5 models on 60mmx35mm bases onto one big 150x100 heavy cav horde base.

hopefully I am making sense!

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For ideas of base layouts check out stuff like warbases.co.uk which have a range of conversion bases for lots of gw/KoW units.

You probably aren’t going to really get anywhere near model count with some units, but if it is clear what they are then no-one generally gives a &^%$#/

Best thing is magnetise the model to the base - then build the various bases how you want?


I don’t fully understand how this helps? sorry, I was asking if there were any things like STL files or items I could buy in order to fit bases on movement trays, just so I don’t have to paint double the models and use them for both game systems.

considering how I plan on 3d printing One page rules mini’s, I couldn’t give less of a crap what GW wants in their clubs. They can go bankrupt for all I care anymore.

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So question: how acceptable is it to just place bases on a multibase instead of getting them inset? cause I realize I could just do that. I can paint the multi-base the same color, and put the models on top.

It would look quite poor unless you do some work around the bases, but you are free to do so of course.
If you really want to go that route, consider using spackle/filler or pva and sand, or a lot of grass (or a combo of all) between the bases to hide them a little bit, then it would be approaching an actual unit base. :slight_smile:


I kinda pushed this idea aside, but then I realized I think this might be doable. I even had the idea to use washers on their feet (and disguise it so it isn’t obvious) and just put the magnets on the bases as needed. It may work, and I may have to try it soon.

Ideally, I wanna play in tournaments, so this may go the distance for getting my models together for this kind of play.

Just gotta remember to pick up the bases and not the models


Hi @Mitch_novem, the photos below are an example of individual models placed on a movement tray with scenic spacers in between to make them fit. Please excuse the quality of the photos (my lighting rig is dismantled at the moment) but I think they are good enough to give you the idea.

The figures are on magnetised 20 x 20 mm bases, and the spacers are magnetised laser cut hardboard in standard 20 x 20 mm, 20 x 10 mm or 40 x 10 mm sizes. You can buy sheets of laser cut hardboard on eBay.