Flocking multibases


Just a quick question ,I am after people’s opinions, when preparing your multi bases, do you flock before sticking models on the base or after?


I used to do after… I’ve just switched to before as I realised flocking between the legs of a horde will be a massive pain.

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Before, but it means I gotta pin most of the models since there will be a lack of good surface to simply glue them on.
Unless I have some of those models with the disc underneath the feet, in which case I glue them on the mdf and then use sand and flock to hide the discs afterward.

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Both points are what triggered me to ask. A horde would be a right pain but also having a good surface to adhere to if pre flocked.

Cheers for the replys

I have been doing before for the flock then adding the tufts after for the goblin units I have been doing lately. For Individuals and Warmachines I have gone around the other way and flocked after sticking the models down. For my Tridnent Realms I went for painting and adding sand to the base first , sticking the model next then Resin then leaving a day for the resin to set then tufts…so no flock involed there :upside_down_face:

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I do both. Get the base complete before adding pinned minis and then go in and fix any gaps or problem areas with more flock


Don’t have large areas of grass, so do it after the models are added - the base is otherwise finished before

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I usually put them on afterwards. Since I use only tufts, I have enough places to glue them. Individuals, the balefire catapult and goreblight were glued before I finished the base. If I can prime mini and base in the same colour and have enough space to paint, I put them on before. So it depends on the minitures, really.

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