Follow up rule question

Another rule clarification here! Reminder that this is a vanguard not KoW question :slight_smile:

After successfully killing a model in melee, a model can make a free follow up move of 3". In the main section it says that the model can move within 1" but can’t engage. In the summary at the back it says “normal movement rules apply”.

I assume the former is correct, however, I have seen a couple of games online where people have (I assume incorrectly) allowed models to follow up into an engagement.

Have I interpreted all of this correctly?



You are correct. You may not use it to engage. The “normal movement rules apply” is talking about 2" to cross an obstacle, half speed in difficult terrain, can’t cross Impassable Terrain, etc


Perfect, thanks!

I actually have another unrelated question as well…

If the warband includes a mercenary, can the mercenary use the warband special ability? I don’t see why not explicitly in the rules so my assumption is that the answer is yes.

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Correct…ish. You as a player can use the Warband ability and pick any valid model. However, a lot of Warband abilities specify a Race for the ability to apply to. So Warband abilities can only be used on them if that Warband ability doesn’t specify a Race (or your Mercenary happens to also be that Race)

eg: Orcs
GREEN TIDE (2) - Group Charge Action. Until the end of the Turn, all members of the
group of Race ORC gain Crushing Strength (1).

So that can only be used if your Mercenary is of race Orc.

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This makes sense to me. One level of ambiguity is that in your example they state “of Race ORC”, whereas for goblins for instance it just says “GOBLIN model”. So do Mawbeasts or mercenaries for instance count for that or did they just miss the word “race” out? I would assume the latter.

Sometimes we forgot to put “race” in there. All caps is race rather than faction, whenever you see ones that the faction and race are the same word and aren’t sure which one they’re referring to. We don’t actually have many effects that target specific factions (I don’t think), because when we do we’d normally just say “friendly models” instead of the faction name.

Cool, that makes sense. I guess that does also lead to the question, can a mercenary of a certain race (e.g. Kuzlo and Madfall of race GOBLIN) use that warband’s special ability if fighting for someone else (e.g. fighting for the orcs)?

To be honest I have only ever played against my son and this isn’t an issue for us, I’m just curious!

No, you only get access to the Warband special abilities of the base Warband you choose, regardless of what Warband/Race your mercenary might seem like it would belong to.