For the kingdom, once per turn, round or battle?

The text stays " during one of your Turns".
Does it mean during only one turn in a battle, but probably multiple times?
Other abilities say during your turn. Is it a difference?

“FOR THE KINGDOM! (1) - Use this ability at any
time during one of yout Turns. All friendly, unengaged,
standing Human models within 9” of this model may
make an immediate free Walk action. Models do not
have to be moved. but if they do, it must be directly
towards the Leader of Men model following the normal
movement rules. This move cannot be used to Engage
enemy models.”

I would say that it is only to be used once, otherwise, it would be phrased as ‘during your turn’ or ‘during any of your turns,’ but it is the sort of phrase that might cause some to seek wiggle room, and is best avoided with some clarity.

From having played the game a lot with other factions with other special rules I think that it is “on any of your turns” (use once per turn), though perhaps phrased poorly. This would be in line with similar faction special rules.

I agree with Nav on the exact implication of the wording, but i think that it is simply clumsy wording.


Other any of your turns

“ATTACK FROM BELOW (X) - Use this ability once during any of your Turns. … This ability is not limited to once per Round (just once per Turn).”

“IMPETUOUS (2) - Use this ability in one of your Turns when you activate a COMMAND

“AMBUSH (1) - During any Turn, if an enemy
model ends its movement/action within 6”…”

“CRAFTY TACTICS (1) - Use this ability during any of your Turns if this model is not Fatigued.
Spend the power to remove 1 Fatigue counter from a friendly model within 6” of this model.”

“TONGUE LASH (2) - Use during the model’s Turn to make a Ranged attack as follows…”

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I feel, it is available once per round, but only when the model with ability is an active model.

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Rules committee member here. Model special abilities are once per Round by default, during your own Turn.

The ability doesn’t have to be on the active model in your turn to use it, in general, except where it’s effect is obviously activation/action related for that model (eg “make a shooting attack as a short action to…”).

The FOR THE KINGDOM rule just has some early wording before we’d started to template them and is not intended to imply once per game. It’s once per Round as per the default Special Ability limits, in one of your turns in that round (not all of your turns, or any subset of your turns greater than one. Just one of your turns that round).