Forces of Nature - Clash of Kings 2022

FoN updates:

  • Elemental keyword to all elemental units, Druids, GW Druids and Forest Shamblers

  • Greater Air Elemental - gains CS1

  • Naiad Heartpiercers - no longer Irregular

  • Unicorn LB(5) spell option up to 35pts

  • Scorchwings - gain De4+ and Att7/14 for reg/horde

  • Greater Fire Elemental - gains Me3+

  • Greater Water Elemental - up to Att9 & Regen 4+

  • Wiltfather - cannot take an artefact

  • Avatar of the Green Lady - 150pts & Pathfinder

  • Pegasus - Nimble

  • Glade Walker Druid - Elite for casting Fireball, Blizzard, Heal, Hex & Surge when within 6" of friendly core keyword elemental unit.

  • GW Druid - [1] upgrade for 25pts, can target a second Elemental unit with same or different spell once per turn

  • Bray Striders - Horde option, Att24, Ne21/23, 270pts

  • New Naiad Wyrmriders profile - gain TC2, down to Sp7

  • Kapoka Hero from Halpi’s Rift - no change

  • Formation - 40pts: 2x Air El Hordes (10pts each), 1x Greater Air El (20pts). All gain keyword Waterbound & Regen 5+. Greater Air El gains Aura(Brutal - Airbound & Waterbound only)

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I’ve been slowly picking up some FoN units with an eye to it being my next army, so it’s one of the lists I take extra interest in, though I’ve not played it.

FoN’s updates seem good but to me it feels that there’s a bit more ‘housekeeping’ than some of the other factions updates.

The Glade Walker got the most love with some really useful extras. The tweaks on the elementals look good too.

The formation looks strong though that’s a lot of Air Elementals. I have a Greater and I’m glad it’s gotten better but the buy in for the formation is too high for me.

Need to take a closer look at the Wyrmriders - I’ve never considered them over the elemental units. Anyone had much experience with them?

I’m glad the Unicorn’s LB is priced correctly (a nerf though - so surprised it changed). I’d feel better about taking it as an option now.

There was a bit of a difference between “no nerf” and “oh sh*te, that needs changing” when it came to the changes :wink:

The add on LB did need a tweak - although the swap is free - and with Boomstick change just means less LB as auto take.

Centaur horde is interesting option.

Elemental changes seem sensible and giving a bit of synergy.

GWD now is a valid option

FoN were in a solid place to begin with, so not surprised no major changes

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The Bray Strider horde and the Wyrmriders with TC2 give FoN a punchier non Shambling option. I wonder if the centaurs will be good enough to justify their footprint (and £s) compared to a knight horde.

Unfortunately the GW Druid’s additions do nothing for my Herd list!

TC1/CS1 can make a big difference & inbuilt pathfinder means you can run them ‘naked’ and be nasty?

The OotGL horde with banner is 90pts more for +1de, +1nv, 8 attacks and headstrong - but TC2.

FoN don’t lack fast chaff or flyer distractions to help the horde do what it needs to.

Less of a bonus in herd given some of the (pretty fast) infantry horde options.

I also wonder how many people actually have enough centaurs to run a horde!

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With Att24, the Bray Strider horde is in a good position to make the most of a Frenzied Otter (poor naming) upgrade. You’re quite likely to get three ones to damage.

I’ve grown less impressed with the formation as I think you’d want the Air Elementals to be punchier if anything - it’s a lot of points for no TC/CS. Brutal aura helps but you may want to be sending them off in different directions with their high movement.