Forces of Nature/Herd/Elves/Sylvan Kin projects

In a different city to my to build pile and paints, so picked these up to keep myself occupied.

All works in progress! Please excuse the quick snaps.

Dragon for SK, with reposed neck and some other minor changes. Paused until I can try a Rivendell Knight as a rider.

Greater Earth Elemental, reposed arm to reduce the overhang from the base (more hassle than it’s worth!)

Unicorn (wondering about adding wings or just posing as flying)

Beasts of Nature:

Resting on 50mm base for scale

Just thought I’d stick it all up here on the off chance anyone was interested.
Let me know if you have any thoughts.


Great use of the dark elf dragon, totally changed the look when you converted it to hang forward like that. :+1:

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Thanks! I really liked the kit but wasn’t sure about the soaring upwards pose - think it’s because the rider doesn’t crown the model and the head competes for attention with the rider. Also, there’s a lot of movement but it doesn’t look like it’s about to fight in combat.

I was going for a chunkier version of this:

I need to do a bit more work on the top of the neck - saved some spines - but will wait until I know which parts will stay exposed.


Love the dragon.

Where are the unicorn and top BoN from - both look sweet?

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Picked mine up on eBay for £8

The BoN:



More reinforcements have arrived:

Again, excuse the quick snaps.

2nd Unicorn (bottom) - Unicorn (Wave 1) - Pathfinder Battles

Hydra - GW, was looking for one that was easy to build, and I like its physiology

Knucker - Mantic obvs (as BoN with wings)

Wings - GW vargheist

Drakons? More BoN but with breath? - CMON SoF&I Mother Of Dragons


These guys fit on 50mm perfectly

Unit box pic from CMON


Those (CMON) are very nice and would work well as either.

The gw hydra is pretty decent value and does the job. Do want to get the one from Mortal Gods - a really nice Trish Carden sculpt

Having got to take a close look at them, I’m v tempted by a second box. I’m wondering if a GW Galadhrim Knight might fit as a rider? If so, not too expensive and all plastic (I much prefer it).

The Hydra is a bit of a compromise - it was easy to get hold of, will go together easily, and relatively cheap compared to some of the options out there. I do think the balance between the heads and the body is about right for me, some other minis I’m not so sure.

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Some inspiration for the Hydra and Dragons:


Finished a few of the conversions I was playing around with. Started to base coat the greater elemental - I’ll probably build the regular earth elementals and do them together as a batch before coming back to the rest. Thinking of contrast painting the Hydra and BoN (elementals more drybrushed like scenery).

Beast of Nature - added crypt wings (tried to devamp them a bit)

Hydra - extended back crest, repositioned foreleg, uniformized the heads & necks

Greater Earth Elemental - repositioned open palmed arm

Druid - Daenerys but on a Mantic base

Still working on the Dragon Kindred Lord, just trying to work the rider out atm. Managed to get a Galadhrim Knight to comfortably fit.