Forces of Nature - lets discuss Formations and Flying Beasts

I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out a Forces of Nature list - both the Wild Hunt and Boulderguard formations look amazing, and seem like they’d go well together. This is a pretty substantial amount of points, and while I like the Centaurs, I keep feeling that I’d want some Fire Elemental Hordes in there.

The other issue seems like a perennial one for FoN - should you put Wings on the Beasts of Nature? +2 Att and Vicious is practically a given (it’s so good for 30 points!), but the cost for flying, especially on both, puts them well beyond the practical level for what it gives the rest of the army. Putting flying on just one of them, though, opens up some options.

So, what is everybody else doing / running into with Forces of Nature? I’ll know more on this once I hit the table with it, but any thoughts are welcome.

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If you plan to run the centaurs formation I would seriously consider playing the centaur special character (Flaxhoof?) to give them an additional punch.

Otherwise, in your type of list I do not see a room for more than one flying beast. One should be enough but is not obligatory. On the other hand, I have seen (on internet) lists that made a good use of two flying beasts. For myself, I used to play with 3 beasts, none of them flying, so there are many possibilities. Just try out and see what suits you best. :smiley:

I find flaxhoof a tad overpriced and a centaur chief could do almost the same thing for almost half the points. The flying beast of nature is great for the lightning bolts and to threathen flanks. Bounder guard is pretty solid but the centaur formation I don’t rate as highly.

Crazy Thought: What about going Fly + Breath on both beasts, and sticking with their base At 5 + combo-charges / flanking when it comes to combat? Fits perfectly once you drop the Mournful Blade.

Aside: I’m really hoping they limit you to 2 upgrades on BoN in 3E, I hate facing double or triple flying, vicious, lightning beasts every time I face Nature :face_vomiting:

If anything needs a rework, it’s flying vicious beasts of nature with Breath or Lightning Bolt. It’s almost an auto take in every other army list imo for 240 pts.

In my option the Salamander horde doesn’t add much to the list. You already have a substantial amount of high defence nerve and unit strength in the list through the Boulder Guard formation. I would drop the Salamander horde and use the freed up points to give both Beasts of Nature Fly and Lighting Bolt (6). The ability to target wizards and standard bearers with 6 vicious lighting bolt shots while you get into position to charge is huge.

Dropping the Salamanders gives you 230 points, and wings and two lots of lighting bolts adds up to 110 points, giving you 120 left to play with. You’ll need to get another regiment in because dropping the Salamanders would mean you don’t have enough unlocks. You could get this by dropping the Centaur Chiefs mournful blade (and give him the bow and blade of slashing for 15 points instead), giving you 125 points. That buys you a regiment of Forest Shamblers which make excellent chaff or objective grabbers.