Forces of the Abyss Army

Abyssal mega army is being painted here is what I have so far please.keep checking and more will appear!!!


Amazing work on your abyssal mate! How did you paint the skin?

Thank you
I sprayed the base red and then I highlighted the skin three times

With army tone

Nice. That GW Demon Prince beats the HELL (ha!) out if the Mantic one. Great army! Whats next?

Overall army look is very fine, skin looks very good. Do you make more miniatures? It’s only a part of an army :slight_smile:

Really good. I love the Abyssal Warlock model, one of Mantic’s best…

I am finishing the hellhounds and then I am going to do gargoyles, succubus lurked and a.seductress

Yes it’s part of an army in an going to do hellhounds now

Great looking army. I think I like it even better than your Nightstalkers one. Not sure why you’re posting each one under a different forum account though. Seems odd.

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Actually nightstalkers are my younger brothers army

Oi I’m only 2 minutes younger that doesn’t count since we’re twins

If you are brothers I expect you to do your chitchat across the hall to each other. You have been posting some meaningless chatter in each others threads which I have had to delete, and I find it really annoying. Please act like adults or I will block you. Consider yourselves warned.


Here are the models that I have been painting I hope you like them


I like the red of your skin.
I think it could be a good idea to wash your teeth and horns one time with nuln oil, they seem a little to white for my opinion.

The Hellhounds are fantastic.

Thank you
I’ll try and wash them a bit more

Here are the imps I hope you like them


Here are the Abyssal Helliquins I painted. Hope you like them


Here are the Abyssal guards
i am currently painting a legion of Lower Abyssals so keep looking and more abyssals will appear