Forces of the Abyss - calling this finished (OK, I lied!)

So here’s the start of an abyssal army.

The basic abyssal army set is being turned into a horde of lower abyssal, a couple of troops of flamebringers, 3 troops of succubi, a regiment of hellequin and a mounted character.

A random bunch of gw stuff will provide 2 regiments of succubi and a regiment of abyssal guard.

Below are odd bits that I had kicking around - so horde & two regiments of tortured souls, despoiler and moloch hordes.

Chroneas, Well of Souls and an arch fiend complete the finished stuff.


Right, calling these guys done now - on to northern alliance :wink:

Army as it stands:

Lower abyssal horde
3 regiments fleshlings
Regiment & 3 troops succubi
Abyssal guard regiment
2 flamebearer troops
Moloch horde
Despoiler horde
Hellequin/abyssal horsemen regiment
Horde & 2 regiments tortured souls
Gargoyle troop
2 hellhound troops
2 archfiends
Abyssal warlock
3 harbingers (1 mounted)
4 abyssal champions (2 mounted/hellequin heroes)
2 succubi heroes (1 with wings)
2 weird monster things - well of souls/chroneas etc

If nothing else, will look to get another starter set at some point to add more lower abyssals/flamebearers and some extra cavalry in. The notice board it’s on will also get a very simple paint job/coating to match, just for DBW points :wink:


More fleshlings and succubi, plus another mounted champion/hellequin


Fleshlings, succubi and an in-progress army shot


Hellequin/abyssal horsemen


Hellhounds and gargoyles (from GW’s Warcry game) and the first of the succubi


Harbinger and champion/hellequin blood-masque





I like it so far. Mantic Abyssals painted and based to that standard will make a nice army.

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I like the Tortured Souls units very much. The bird swarms (crows?) are a perfect representation of the Tortured Souls :slight_smile:

Love the Tortured Souls.

Thanks - they are the zombicide murder if crowz models

i love the dude sitting on the sphere!

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It is an actual gargoyle! Its a stone effect thing I found in a car boot sale.

Latest updates added to the original post - 2 troops of flamebearers, arch fiend, abyssal warlock and (for v3) some sacrificial imp markers

Abyssal Guard, champion & temptress added - see OP

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Very cool models :slight_smile:
(Tends to be more and more wonderful and less wird :smile:)

Lower abyssal horde pics added to first post

Got some of the warcry beasts off a guy in the club - so gargoyle and hellhound troops done. Pics added to first post

this is looking flipping great!

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Cheers - no idea if any list I build is actually any good, but its fun to build & paint.

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Some cavalry done.

Latest bits finished - succubi & fleshlings (in 1st post), plus an army shot

Couple more here.


absolutely amazing!

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Thanks - been really fun army to put together so far. Have to wait for v3 to see if it any good!

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Few more bits and pieces done - added to the original post.

Have another troop of succubi almost finished and have the champion from the army set on the go. Barring that, I’ve a few daemonettes left and then I’ll call it done until v3

Right, calling this one done for the time being - now onto northern alliance!

Completed army pics (minus an abyssal champion whose base was still damp) in first post.

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