Fred's DZ table: work in progress

Wooden board, 24" x 24x

Marking out my corner towers (full 3x3" cube)

Make a stensil to drill 1mm holes for the support rods

Stick in the support rods. For my first try, these are 1mm brass rods.

Use the same stensil on the floors

Had to up the holes in the floors to 1.5mm

Using Evergreen Polystyrene Tube to make pillars and to make the proper spacing between floors

2 cube high tower. A little too wobbly for my taste, but I havent glued anything yet. Was hoping it would be quite sturdy even without glue. Will try thicker pillars next.


Switched to Evergreen Square Tube, this was more sturdy plus I imagine it will be easier to glue future walls and decorations onto them.

Tried a new tower, this time with 1.5mm brass rod instead, and the square tube. Much more sturdy. I am out of solid brass rod now, but this was a valuable experiment. I will need more 1.5mm brass rod, or maybe even thicker. Still not glued.


This is going to be great. I can tell!

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Using spare moments at work to plan more details

Always the head in the clouds! Who doesn’t know that moment at work, looking out of the window and building a list for deadzone/KoW/Vanguard. I have a sketchbook in my bag, writing down ideas for a Dungeon Saga/Vanguard campaign.
I’m very eager to see more of that table! Looks very promising.

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Also planning on the computer! (including a message from Uncle Sam!)


Got clear acrylic and mdf cut from my local carpenter guy, plus bought alot of brass rod and evergreen plastic. Also got the package from warbases with a lot of 3x3" pieces for floors (3mm thick) and 2.75x2.75" pieces for walls (2mm thick).
Using clear acrylic to create see-through levels which I will add “planks” or a “metal grid” to.


The bridge! Framework almost done.


Getting some paint and details on with help from @V-Dawg !


Some more details

Found some material to make gantries/walkways. To place over the clear acrylic.

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Gantries coming along

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This bridge table is now “mostly painted” and playable and I have gotten about 5 games on it. :slight_smile: I have put it on the shelf (literally) in my home and can take it down to play on it whenever. At some point in the future I might paint all the details nicer. But I was happy the project was a success. :slight_smile: thanks to @V-Dawg for the help and support! Now getting some paint on the “comm center” table is next.

Me vs Morten

Me vs Sean

Vidar vs Christian

Random photos


Finally got some paint on the top half of the table.

The big bottom part is still brown tho. :sweat_smile:

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Bottom half slowly being done.

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