Free 3d Printable Movement Trays for Round Bases

Hey all! I designed some free 3d printable movement trays for round bases. I made these because I play a lot of Pathfinder and have tons and tons of fantasy minis made on 25mm round bases. For large minis they’re usually on 40mm rounds, so I made a tray for those as well.

I tried to design them to be as crowded as possible for the basic infantry, so 12 models per tray, 3 ranks of 4.

All of my trays are free, and have slots for magnets if you wish to use them.

I’m still making more, so any requests / suggestions welcome!

All of the trays are available for free on my Thingiverse profile:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

30mm circles for infantry are used in some skirmish games as well since you were asking for suggestions. There are also strange 50mm circle cavalry in wmh but that’s pretty niche. Another idea might be shifting the position in alternating rows:

That’s awesome.

I don’t think I’ll be using them as I’m multi-basing (or trying to) but making something like this and sharing it for free will help lots of gamers use their collection across different rulesets!

Cheers, thanks for sharing. I don’t do rounds yet (I’m still a square purist), but these will be handy for those that do. Also your leader point notch is something I keep forgetting to add on, thanks for the reminder! :wink: