Free Dwarf Adventures - Video Tournament Report

Tournament and Tactics report with my Free Dwarfs here, cheers! :slight_smile:


Great report! Although I do have to overlook the fact that you’re using traitorous Free Dwarfs, instead of the rightful Imperial Dwarfs. :wink:

It’s good to see the spear levy get some action. They’ve generally been looked down upon by the community, but that Phalanx rule makes them deceptively tough against the right opposing units. Have you ever considered giving them Throwing Mastiffs?


Thanks! And yes I did think about the mastiffs, but decided to go with numbers rather than the mastiffs here, especially given all the shooting I had from Rangers. Given how easy it is to waver spear levy, I didn’t like their chances for throwing them, and they start getting expensive. But might be more useful on shieldbreakers, and Packmaster is pretty good too. Taking mastiff packs with throwing mastiffs is also an obvious alternative to spear levy, but they don’t scout, so since 2022 COK spear levy actually have a purpose.

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