Free Dwarfs or Abyssal Dwarfs

Me and a few people in my area decided to get into KoW and I’m considering Dwarfs as my army. I’m really digging Free Dwarfs because of the pathfinder on just about everything.

I have a real grind list at 750 pts drawn up
Horde of Earth elementals x2
Horde of Ironclad with mastiff
Stone Priest with surge and banechant

I also have the Abyssal Dwarf equivelent of this list written up and it just seems better in every reguard.

Lesser golem horde x2
Ironcaster with surge and bane
Horde of Blacksouls with 2h weapons and catapillar.

I really need some advice on what to do.


Welcome to the forum (and to the game)!
Those both seem like good starting plans. If you want to go for what’s less played and a bit rare, that would be Free Dwarfs. Abyssal Dwarfs on the other hand are more commonly played, probably because they are considered slightly better as a faction. If you care a lot about the background of the army, then it would be a good vs evil choice, but if you are more worried about the list being the best it can be then I assume army alignment is not the most important for you.
Considered a combo of sorts? Use regular dwarfs but paint them evil-looking so you could always proxy them as abyssal dwarfs as well? Just rambling here really. :wink:


I actually was thinking of painting them a Dark Iron Dwarfs from Warcraft


That should work :slight_smile:

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Lots of the units from both lists are basically interchangeable, so pick a basing/colour scheme and go from there.

Use models from either range for stuff where appropriate


Go with the army you can still love when it loses.

You will likely not stay at 750 points, so also have a look at the other units that the armies can take and which ones seem more interesting.
Do you like horrific creatures made for war in a workshop-laboratory?
Do you prefer proud and solid dwarf units that are more in tune with nature/the wild than fantasy dwarfs typically are?

You could also be a proper dwarf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:and run that list as an Imperial Dwarf list that lets you add some machinery and firepower later on.


Well one of my friends actually talked me into Forces of Nature with an ent from lotr I can convert into Wiltfather, I’ll eventually go into Free Dwarfs.


Just play Undead, they are the best!:wink::zombie:
Welcome to the forum, it’s the best one on the whole internet!


We already have someone going Undead


I was just joking, dwarfs are cool, free dwarfs especially. Have fun with the game and let us know how it went.
And share pictures of your units in the showcase category.


Free dwarfs? Awesome offer i’ll take 7 thank you.

All the dwarf armies are tough and tasty you can’t go wrong.




I thank you sir.