Frog Monster!

I’m going to be building a frog based Trident Realms army when the new stuff ships and i’m not particularly keen on either the Coral Giant or Kraken minis from Mantic.
If possible i’d like a giant bipedal frog monster! Or failing that, a titanic realistic looking frog or toad thing.
Any ideas?
I don’t want to have to put a kermit head on a Mantic giant, but I will if I have to!

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I image there are many 3D options. Several from Comet Lord spring to mind:

Artisan Guild has a very nice demonfrog:

(there’s a version with no rider)

If you want a gribbly toad monster, try looking for “froghemoth” sculpts from DND. More tentacle-y and so on, which might help with the ensnare angle if that’s a thing you’d like.


The Boss has done the hard yards with links etc but d&d slaad models in various options should be able to get you a bipedal frog gribbly, with the 3d print ones scalable to what you need?

Ranges like Schleich & Papo make realistic animal models in a scale that often works nicely in KoW?