From the ogres lair...Stormcast ogres


Here are some pics of my Stormcast ogres I finished earlier this month.

Warlord on Chariot


Chariot Regiments

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Siege Breakers

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More Siege Breakers

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The unit with the bolt thrower, is equipped with heart seeking chant.


Boomer Sergeants

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And that’s all for now, I might be adding some stuff later on.


I love these. I’m working on my own. I’m calling mine Demigods. I’ll have some posts on them soon.

( I’ve come back here several times today. These are really good. )

Finally! I have been playing with this kind of idea for a long time now. and several others in my gaming group too. But noone has ever done them, so thannk you for your army.

They look great! I like the colours you chose. The bolt thrower additionally is a very cool model

I’ve seen this concept done a few times now, typically with the first starter set’s Stormcast, and you’ve really blown it away through smart model selection and solid painting. Lots of competitive choices in there as well, looks to be as good as Ogres can be right now.

Thanks, can’t wait to see what you come up with. The bases you posted earlier look awesome already

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Thanks. I just need more practice with em. I might switch to basilea by just adding a couple of units. A two for one army deal :yum:

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It was easier than I thought. The Stormcast line has been fleshed out a lot. So you have more choices for units

Been working late the last few days and I have a game event this weekend, so I wont be able to sit down with them till Sunday.

I made a few changes to my “ogre” list.

  • I added some RebGoblin Scouts for some board control got rid of the Wizard and got boomers.
  • Upgraded one captain to a Warlord
  • Put in the Hell on wheels formation for Rally+
  • Got the banner of the Griffin for rally 2. - ( big deal for Ogres I think)
  • Trying to decide on the boomer Sgt or a second banner chariot hero would be better. Either sounds good to me with advantages. An additional Boomer seems more flexible for all comers and I get beter flank defense from flyers and such.
  • Model change - I decided to go with the Gryph hounds as my RedGob Scouts. Just got them yesterday.