Frostys Nightstalkers 2300

Here is my 1st list with Nightstalkers under 3rd ed.

Only had 2 games of KoW so far in 2021 due to covid restrictions.

Both used this list

G1 I tabled a Nature tree heavy list (Wiltfather, Treeherder and lots of Shamblers) it’s a list a struggled against many times with my Northern Alliance but dicegods really smiled on me this time I guess.

G2 I narrowly lost Invade 10-11 Vs EoD I was winning 13-11 end of turn 6 but alas T7 I lost a reaper reg and the game.

So I’m reasonably happy with the list so far but if anyone has any insights or ideas I’d be happy to hear them

List description.

Doppelgangers and Pendant Scarecrows are good board control, peoples will not want there best hammers to face these units.

Mindscreeches and Horrors can chuck out 21 Lightning bolts

Phantoms and scarecrows are chaff/blockers

Reapers and Doppelgangers with the horror Vicious aura win combats (bane chant too)

Portal and Hulk can take a punch and the Hulk can punch back too

Eneshyra is a cruise missile of cs3 and dread. She gets to where she can create the most havoc

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Changes I’m pondering.

Swap Hulk for Terror? (Need to find 25pts to do that )

Drop Portal and Eneshyra (and a find 20pts) to get a Void Lurker. Portal is good and Eneshyra had been very useful but is a Lurker better??

Sounds like it’s working for you and it’s a different approach to mine, so take anything I say that sounds like a suggestion with a pinch of salt.

I’m tempted to recommend a dread-fiend instead of the portal, you have 3 tarpits already. My list relies on nimble speed though, so probably just the lens I look through though.

A planar apparition is prettt much always a good idea though. Plus the new air elementals look yo be a nice Mantic model option.

That brew of strength seems redundant with two bane chant sources, would extra speed or a terrain artefact not be more useful?

I have toyed with the idea of a crystal pendant on scarecrows. Tempting to see it work for you. :smiling_imp:

Terror and shadow-hulk are both great. Similar damage output on average, but a little more reliable from the terror.
I mainly prefer the terror because I have a cool model.
The terror needs more support though.
With that support it can be impossible to remove with the regen, while a shadow-hulk gets chipped away.
The terror is vulnerable to damage spikes and the like though; while a shadow-hulk reliably takes a hit (mine once took a flank charge from a dragon on the chin).
The one less nerve matters, for a start, and if your opponent rolls well to hit (unlikely with ensnare, but it happens) most of that damage gets through De3+. Flank attacks and spells that ignore stealthy are similarly weaknesses.
It does not happen often, but sometimes a terror disappears unexpectedly instead of surviving the game (which it usually does).
I find that a shadow-hulk almost always gets ground down.

Edit: Void lurkers are excellent flying monsters.
Being resistant to shooting and chip damage is great. Less frills to be cheaper is nice too.
I personally always struggle to get their worth out of flying monsters though.
Something fast and nimble (like a dread-fiend) can do most of the threat projecting and a shade is probably better (and not a waste of points) at individual or war engine hunting. Plus you can get both of those for the price.

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I’d personally lose lightning bolt on the conjures staff horror.

With the pts I’d get the brew of sharpness on the reapers. 25 attacks hitting on 2s is nothing to be sniffed at.

You may have to lose a screamshard but honestly they aren’t that useful.

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Cheers Grant I put Sharpness on the reapers at the Moonrakers gaming day and I was very effective. I will be keeping that!

In response to the latest Dash28 article

I pondered if my list would be improved by the Wiltdaddy…

It means dropping

X1 Scarecrow horde

To add

Tree Shambler horde

So its a reduction in units and unit strength

However Wiltfather > Shadowhulk in all departments
Dopplegangers are gone but I feel I don’t use them very well. I seem to fluff their deployment and the end up doing not much usually…
And the loss of the thicc chaff of the scarecrows

But I ‘gain’ the Tree Shamblers. I had them described by a clubmate as Hot Garbage but I think that a bit too far
While not a top tier unit I think they have uses.

They can scout with Wiltdaddy to grab tokens or get to objectives/hills/chokepoints 1st

Wiltdaddy also grants them Vicious and he can even surge them if the opportunity arises.

Probably though I will leave them in a tempting spot to get charged to lure units to be jumped on by my Reapers

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