Fully Mounted Armies (Goblins 2k) cc required

Hello, so I really want to do this list, prefer cc but if it’s just dumb, feel free to point that out. Always loved challenging glass hammer lists which require good set up/positioning. I’ve gone thru a few renditions of the list. Pretty happy with it now, but need outside thoughts. Super appreciated to those that respond.

++ [3E Primary, 1500+ Roster pts] ({Evil} Goblins) [18 US, 1,515 pts] ++

+ CAV +

Fleabag Rider Sniffs* (05) Troop [1 US, 105 pts]

Fleabag Rider Sniffs* (05) Troop [1 US, 105 pts]

Fleabag Rider Sniffs* (05) Troop [1 US, 105 pts]

Fleabag Riders (10) Regiment [3 US, 165 pts]: Mawpup

Fleabag Riders (20) Horde [4 US, 320 pts]: 45 - Brew of Sharpness, Mawpup

Magwa’ns [1] (10) Regiment [3 US, 130 pts]

+ CHT +

Fleabag Chariots* (06) Legion [4 US, 255 pts]: 30 - Blessing of the Gods

+ HERO: You MUST Manually Validate Unlocks +

Flaggit [90 pts]: 25 - Lute of Insatiable Darkness, Fleabag

King on Chariot [1 US, 130 pts]

Wiz [110 pts]: 20 - Inspiring Talisman, Bane Chant (2), Fleabag

++ {3E Allied Units} ([Neutral] Forces of Nature) [8 US, 485 pts] ++

+ CAV +

Centaur Bray Hunters (10) Regiment [2 US, 165 pts]

Centaur Bray Striders (10) Regiment [3 US, 160 pts]

Centaur Bray Striders (10) Regiment [3 US, 160 pts]

++ Total: [26 US, 2,000 pts] ++

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I love fully mounted armies. Built one myself a year or so back!

That said, you’ll need something extraordinary to pull it off. Phalanx/fliers will rob you of your TC and cavalry (especially goblins) don’t have the grinding power to pull it off. The horde with sharpness is very dangerous, but will be the first thing your enemies target with all their guns/magic/disruption.

You dipped into Forces of nature of CS/TC cavalry, which might make the difference. Together with the nimble fleabags, it might actually work. Another option that might work for you is to switch out one of the centaur units for a flying beast of nature. (190 points). Fliers can disrupt your TC, so they will be dangerous to you, especially when combined with high defense/nerve. Having a flier of your own can give you with opportunity to intercept the dragon before it eats a regiment of centaurs. The goblin alternative (wingit) is a bit too unreliable to ground a dragon, so I’d shell out the 30 points more for the beast of nature.

good luck and I would love to see pictures!

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