FutaManticore: 80's Dark Synth Nightstalkers (and other gribblies)

There’s something about speedpainting with a limited palette I find most satisfying. The planning, preparation and execution coupled with sometimes unorthodox results just strikes a chord. So when faced with an army and mega army of Nightstalkers, I had to do something to shift the shameful pile of grey plastic.

Next in the queue: More scarecrows and some reapers


Strong and effective look, I like it! :grin:

Great shading and the glowing mouth/tongues really pop! Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it! Suits them perfectly! :slight_smile:

Mini update. Managed to churn out another 2 ‘troops’ of Scarecrows and a troop of Reapers. I quite like the design of the Reapers, but like Phantoms, they’re a bugger to rank-up.

Speaking of which, I’ve got some Phantoms in the pipeline and some more Scarecrows.

There also seems to be small, rodent-like squeaks and scratches from the hobby pile.


Wow, 8 months…
Well, in that time, I’ve reviewed my Nightstalkes and think I’ll go for a second take. It’s a solid concept but the execution could be improved upon. The main blue & red are too dark for my liking, so I’ve switched up for a lighter turquoise and pink while relying on the same drybrush and purple wash to make it organic. I’ve also decided to paint the weapons, albeit basic, for a little added interest. As for the bases, the red/pink just wasn’t working on a large scale, so I’ve decided to have a more detached colour pallet while still showing a blight-like corruption. As such, enough for a Nightstalker army


So, the bases have been put to use



Shadow Hounds


Still have some Scarecrows left over that will go to my next batch of WIP bases


Also, before I settled on Nightstalkers, I also bought a box of Forces of the Abyss, but just couldn’t settle on a scheme. I tried numerous failed attempts to balance a cohesive theme with something unnatural/inorganic while still capturing a sense of corruption. I’ve dubbed my new test ‘Legions of Rust’, but is still WIP. The photo’s a bit meh; if anything its more sepia than I realised, but I’m planning on adding some green mossy foliage and an eerie glow for some spot colour. I was also thinking reddish rust wasteland bases with random junk sticking out, but who knows…

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Managed another regiment of Scarecrows, giving me enough bases for a legion, and tried out the white lining in my botched photo box

Next in the queue is a Terror, followed by old mono-pose Reapers and more Scarecrows.


Mini update. I managed to find a little time to finish off the Terror, though really it was just picking out the white and orange to give the model a little pop

Also got some (slightly) better pics of my rust test scheme, with added pop

If I was to expand this onto the Abyss models I have, I’d probably pick out some details in gold/brass before weathering.


Slightly better photos of the Terror

Along with a Troop of Reapers

And some more WIP Bases

I’ve got some Phantoms to paint along with more Scarcrows and Butchers to assemble.


So a month, and in that time I’ve started hoarding for the winter. That is to say, I’ve focussed on assembling and undercoating as many models as I can before proper winter rolls in and weather permits for undercoating.

So very little progress to show, but I have finished the bases for some Butchers and Shadowhounds for a small break.


Fleshripper! My favourite model from 2023, though that could be because I haven’t bought a Void Lurker yet.

I may add a little splatter and gore to the blades, not sure yet. It’ll soon be joined by another Regiment and Horde of like-minded monstrosities.


And I’ve finished a few more Butchers I was painting alongside the Fleshripper

Did you know the collective noun for Butchers is a Goring?

I have some Shadowhounds I hope to complete before the end of the month, but I may be doing a test run on the Twilight Kin paint scheme. I appear to have taken inspiration from Nougat bars I remember from my childhood


Last one for the weekend. I got the basic idea for my Twilight Kin down and quite happy with the result. They’ve now become an unofficial leader for a regiment of Scarecrows, directing the void-spawn forward and compelling more Scarecrows to rise from the pool in front of the Alter.