FutaManticore: 80's Dark Synth Nightstalkers

There’s something about speedpainting with a limited palette I find most satisfying. The planning, preparation and execution coupled with sometimes unorthodox results just strikes a chord. So when faced with an army and mega army of Nightstalkers, I had to do something to shift the shameful pile of grey plastic.

Next in the queue: More scarecrows and some reapers


Strong and effective look, I like it! :grin:

Great shading and the glowing mouth/tongues really pop! Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it! Suits them perfectly! :slight_smile:

Mini update. Managed to churn out another 2 ‘troops’ of Scarecrows and a troop of Reapers. I quite like the design of the Reapers, but like Phantoms, they’re a bugger to rank-up.

Speaking of which, I’ve got some Phantoms in the pipeline and some more Scarecrows.

There also seems to be small, rodent-like squeaks and scratches from the hobby pile.