FutaManticore's Ghosts, tanks and other oddities


So, before I jumped into Kings of War, I was collecting a number of Age of Sigmar armies. After a string of shenanigans relating to releases, rules and pricing, I dropped and sold most of my collection with the exception of my Nighthaunt. Safe to say, probably some of the best sculpts Citadel has produced in some time. Individually, there are better models, but for an entire faction they certainly are a favourite.

Last night, I finally summoned my Nighthaunt Procession together for a group photo.

6665 points across 261 models and still growing.

I also have an unhealthy infatuation with the Anime Girls Und Panzer, one of those gems that I originally dismissed as shameless fanservice, and have started collecting tanks to paint in the colours of each school. I only have a picture of 1 tank at the moment: a Churchill MK VI for the glory of St Gloriana’s


a man of culture, i see. :slight_smile:

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Dang but that’s a lot of ghosts. Purple looks great for nighthaunt too.

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MithrilCoyote: < Looks at my own user name > Culture may be open to interpretation… The wholesome nature of Girls Und Panzer was a refreshing change for the genre of female-centric anime.

Yup, a fair bagful of ghosts. Sadly, I’m one of those ‘an army is never truly complete’ folks, and I’ve purchased an obscene amount of Chainrasps, Glaivewraith Stalkers and Myrmourn Banshees secondhand when they were going cheap. Aiming for a fully reinforced procession as per the current Battletome.

Purple and orange are my favourite colours, and I’m juggling the idea of an autumnal, Game of Thrones Godswood Sylvaneth force with whites, blues, reds and orange.

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