Future rule suggestion: partial contact flank/rear charges

I want to bring up a topic that I hope will get considered at some time in the future. That is: “cheap” flank and rear charges where the unit only clips a tiny part of the target, where I believe it breaks immertion that the unit gets to strike at full power (attacks x multiplier).
This again leads to a need for players to keep their battle line perfectly dressed at all times, because if everything is lined up with 0 mm difference, no such gamebreaking charges will find its way in.
It also means you don’t have full freedom to use just any unit as a screen, you have to make sure the screen matches the width of the unit behind, as just a mm will be enough to run past a screen and hit with full force with most of the unit hanging out into thin air, which both looks silly and does not make sense IMO.
I find all this very constricting upon how the game is played, so I have made a video with my thoughts:


Completely agree with you, and seems like an excellent rules mod to me.

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Yes, I like it.

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This seems reasonable.

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For the record, this is how you present a rules change suggestion. List the issue, present a proposed solution, explain what the solution solves about the issue. Well presented.


I like it.
Would definitely prevent some gotcha NPE.

I started with historical wargaming where flanks are harder to get, with rules like needing a part or you base past a the enemy units front, and zones of control (units have to deal with enemy right in front of them).
Which makes this kind of charge especially jarring.