Gakamak's bloody banner - can I get its effect twice?

The following question popped up:

The bloody banner gives an orc hero the aura “wild charge +1”.

Can I use this as follows:

  1. charge the units within the aura’s area with its increased movement
  2. move the hero 10" “at the double”
  3. Charge all units now in the area of the banner with its increased movement?

So I can get the effect twice. Really useful if I increase the aura’s range to 9"

I don’t see a problem with that, assuming you’re not trying to charge the same enemy unit with them (IIRC, all charges against a given enemy unit must be declared at the same time).

You don’t have to do charges before other movement, and the order in which you declare charges/“at the double” also takes into account auras and effects at the time the charge is declared.


Yeah pretty sure you can do that.

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Reading the various rules I think you are good to go - its an aura and they apply to anyone in range when they are activated . Cloaks only seem to apply at the end of the units move.