Game 163 - Forces of Nature - 2022/10/23


This is my first post on this forum. In addition to playing games of Kings of War and painting models for my Elves army, my main hobby related activity is writing battle reports from my games.

I would like to use this topic as an archive of links to the battle reports on my blog, Path on an Outcasts, but I also hope we can have some discussions about the games I write battle reports on. I have already written quite a few so feel free to check the full list here:

Kings of War - Battle Reports

2019 Summary - Kings of War

Links to the most recent games:

3rd Edition

Casual Games

Game 163 - Twilight Kin - 2022/10/23

Game 162 - Forces of Nature - 2022/04/23

Game 161 - Dwarfs - 2022/01/30

Game 160 - Salamanders - 2022/01/23

Game 159 - Niht Stalkers - 2021/12/28

Game 158 - Ratkin - 2021/04/25

Game 157 - Free Dwarfs - 2021/04/18

Rage of Isolation 4

Game 156 - Basileans - 2021/04/11

Game 155 - Sylvan Kin - 2021/04/06

Game 154 - Abyssal Dwarfs - 2021/03/20

Game 153 - Sylvan Kin - 2021/03/12

Casual Games

Game 152 - Salamanders - 2021/01/26

Game 151 - Forces of the Abyss - 2020/12/23

Rage of Isolation 2 - Universal Battle 2 Tournament

Game 150 - Free Dwarfs - 2020/11/29

Game 149 - Goblins - 2020/11/17

Game 148 - Order of the Brothermark - 2020/10/17

Game 147 - Forces of Nature - 2020/10/11

Rage of Isolation - Universal Battle 2 Tournament

Game 146 - Varangur - 2020/05/24

Game 145 - Salamanders - 2020/05/17

Game 144 - Undead - 2020/05/14

Casual Games

Game 143 - Trident Realm - 2020/05/10

Game 142 - Sylvan Kin - 2020/05/03

Game 141 - Trident Realm - 2020/04/19

Game 140 - Night Stalkers - 2020-04/13

Clash of Kins Australia 2020

Clash of Kings Australia 2020 - Summary

Game 139 - Forces of Nature - 2020/02/16

Game 138 - Dwarfs - 2020/02/13

Game 137 - Undead - 2020/02/09

Game 136 - Orcs - 2020/02/08

Game 135 - Forces of the Abyss - 2020/02/03

Game 134 - Forces of Basilea - 2020/02/02

Clash of Kings Australia 2020 - Introduction

Casual Games

Game 133 - Forces of the Abyss - 2020/01/24

Game 132 - Forces of Nature - 2020/01/21

Game 131 - Forces of the Abyss - 2020/01/19

Game 130 - Northern Alliance - 2020/01/12

Game 129 - Elves - 2019/12/14

2nd Edition

Australian UB Tournament - Season 1

Game 128 - Forces of Basilea - 2019/12/01

Game 127 - Night Stalkers - 2019/11/30

Game 126 - Goblins - 2019/11/24

Game 125 - Forces of Nature - 2019/11/18

Casual Games

Game 124 - Forces of Nature - 2019/11/09

Return of the King

Game 123 - Dwarfs - 2019/10/26

Game 122 - Goblins - 2019/10/10

Game 121 - Night Stalkers - 2019/09/22

Game 120 - 1850 vs League of Rhordia - 2019/08/31

Casual Games

Game 119 - 2000 vs Kingdoms of Men - 2019/08/10

Game 118 - 2600 vs Trident Realms - 2019/08/03

Thanks for reading!


I haven’t seen your reports since the old TWF days, good to see you still doing reports.



I actually didn’t stop after TWF, simply posted on the blog and then added links on the Mantic forum while it was active. As well as on various FB groups and Twitter.

There is not that much of a discussion about particular battles but as long as people find the reports entertaining, I am going to keep posting!



Good to see you here, it’s been a long way from Ulthuan.


Hi Francis!

Indeed, it’s been a long time but as you can see, I moved on and have a new game to play and write reports on. I have quite a few more in the pipeline, as I have recently participated in a local tournament. Watch this space for the updates!


Amazing to find old Ulthuanites in new places. I’ve been following your blog from time to time and like how you’ve brought the MSU approach to KoW as well, looking forward to seeing your future successes here as well!


Glad your reports are getting a reboot on a new forum! I’ve been enjoying them the whole time. I really enjoyed the nightstalker stuff. Doing some of my own as well.



Indeed, people scattered to a lot of different places. I kept posting the battle reports links but I do miss the discussions we used to have on the forums. I really hope we can have it in here again. :slight_smile:




I am glad this forum was started, I think there is still a place for forums, despite other social media. I will do my best to update this topic regularly!



MSU is a bit different than “trash” but I really jumped on board. I rebooted KoW after my Motorcycle accident. I was in workaholic mode. I had EoD unfinished and I had already parted with my Ratkin. I thought, Let me try that 17 drop Nightstalker list you had. I thought that was a gem. I played it several times. I had my first lost with it vs. Trident, unlucky and bad play on my part, learned a lot! Well, I went back to EoD for Masters and had a great time. Every game was a win/oss on literly a dice roll. So much fun and so many great players. Met lots of old and new friends.

Well, After masters, I picked up KoM after brainstorming some ideas with Cyle Pool. What create fun that was. Now I was looking to build a KoM list that matched how I was playing Nightstalkers with 17 drops, and I already had plenty of MSU elf games based on some of your ideas. That worked out really well, and Scott Holcomb is also playing a similar KoM MSU army of his own style. Aftereach game I more and more ideas, and Im at 12 armies since masters. Now Ihave lots of models left over from other systems so it was more about brainstorming what to do with them and coming up with a landscape I wanted to see on the table.

Well, Im currently playing “trash” goblins in the SCGWL KoW league but really it goes back to playing those nightstalkers and Elves thanks to ideas from your reports, keep doing it. I’m considering doing slideshow reports on youtube but we shall see if that gets appeal. Its a lot of time I could be spending modeling and painting. I hope to play a UB game with ya sometime.


Hi Mike!

First of all, I am really sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you are recovering well and that there are no serious consequences.

I am really glad to hear you liked the Night Stalkers! Although the credit should go to Jeff whose army I was using. He wanted a practice for the round 1 Australian Masters where there is an army swap. It was quite a lot of fun to play with this army for sure and I was happy to win too!

Great to hear that it further inspired some fruitful discussions and resulted in more fun playing Kings of War! I am even more happy about this aspect, this is one of the goals I hoped to achieve with my battle reports. To spark discussions that can lead to discovering of your own way and style of playing with your chosen faction.

It would be great to see your battle reports but I do understand your concerns. I spend some time preparing and that, unfortunately, competes with the time for painting. I still hope I can find enough for all of it :smiley:

Having a game on UB would be great, I am sure we can work out the time that should work for both of us, despite different time zones.



Hello! Here is the link to my most recent battle report played on UniversalBattle2

Elves vs Kingdoms of Men commanded by Simon. Scenario: Occupy!

Game 119 - 2000 vs Kingdoms of Men - 2019/08/10

Many thanks to Simon for a great game!


Hi Swordmaster,

I have been looking at your blog for a long time now and wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it.
Also your Drakon Riders were a big inspiration for my own. Thank you for that :wink:



Thanks Smoodo!

I am really happy to know you enjoy the battle reports and even more so about the Drakons! The credit should go to my brother (at Mantic forum Eastern Barbarian) who came up with the idea for the conversion and provided all the parts I needed. I only put it all together and painted the models :slight_smile:


Great report! Fun to see you take on the KoM too. They are my favourite army at the moment, right above the elves.

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Alright, a big ‘thank you’ to your brother as well, then :wink:

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Thanks! I am glad your favourite armies featured in a single battle report! :slight_smile:

Excellent report as always, not so wordy as to be tough to read but yet detailed enough to understand what’s going on. A fine victory for the elves!

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Thanks! I am glad to hit the right balance :slight_smile:

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Here is the link to the battle report from the first game I played at the most recent Kings Of War tournament “Return of the King”. 1850 points vs League of Rhordia with Night Stalker allies commanded by Jeffrey. Many thanks to Jeff for a great game!

Game 120 - 1850 vs League of Rhordia - 2019/08/31