Game photo dump - Free the princess

A friend had finished painting up his goblin warband so we got together for a game at my place. Free the Princess was rolled up. I won the dice off for choosing attacker or defender, so I chose to defend with my undead.

He had two battle groups that were each a Wiz and two spitters, plus a winggit. And also a melee group.

Some early group shooting from those two ranged groups were quite alarming (my wraith had barely landed in a building roof before he was blasted off), but once I’d closed on his winggit and held him back, my Barrow Wight and werewolf were able to clean up.


Looks good!
Free the princess is really hard for the attackers in my limited experience :sweat_smile:

Yeah I’ve struggled as attacker in most of these style scenarios. I’ve lost the stores and princess and beacon as attacker, but have won beacon once as attacker against a new player.

The various “grab X” are one-side if only one of you has Scout. Its all fine for a campaign but I guess it would be troubling in competition play.

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The 1.1 errata update made the asymmetric battles more balanced by making the Free the Prisoner/Light the Beacon/Fire the Stores actions short instead of long. A small change but has made a big difference in my games.