Game type idea: City Battles

for those who remember, WHFB had rules in their Generals Compendium for fighting battles within cities. between the large amounts of buildings and the need to move along streets, it promised a complex tactical situation but some pretty interesting games, both in terms of events and visuals. these sorts of battles would represent anything from attempts to sack or destroy a city all the way to uprisings and revolts. the game even had rules for setting buildings on fire, which some of the scenarios used as victory conditions.

while obviously such fights shouldn’t be a common sight, both militarily and in terms of the amount of terrain required, could we work up rules for such fighting for Kings of War?

to me it seems like it shouldn’t be all that difficult… you’d need guidelines for how to treat buildings and rubble, rules for destroying buildings, and some scenarios focused on street to street fighting using rank-and-flank units. maybe some optional rules for specific buildings giving bonuses via auras to represent locations of importance or even magical nature.

certainly such an environment would be an interesting list construction challenge… would be more focus on troops, regiments, and individuals rather than hordes and other large formations for example. and with the reduced LOS ranges you are likely to have, things like artillery would be less useful, but archers, gunners, and the like might be more useful.

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I think a Vanguard scenario with a suitable hook would work really well - perhaps before siege game, storming a breach, or sneaking into a city to recover something.


i’m talking Kings of War not Vanguard. formations of troops marching dow nthe street, that sort of thing. it has happened a fair number of times in history. though usually the city comes out rather worse for wear after wards.

Thats would be a senario we need! :slight_smile:

I am not sure the city fight format you suggest would be more popular than (let’s say) the already existing (CoK in 2ed) siege format or just a regular Vanguard scenario. That being said there should be no problem to modify slightly the standard KoW rules to make them more suitable for a battle in city streets. You already mention that the main problem would be with infantry hordes as such large units would either not fit into city streets or would be quite difficult to maneveur there. This means that some armies would face a problem with opening slots for their heroes and monsters when playing without infantry hordes. In my view an easy fix to this is just a modification of the standard slots system enhancing the role of infantry regiments and troops, e.g. one could treat the infantry regiments as hordes (and infantry troops as regiments?) for the purpose of opening slots. This would mean more monsters and heroes on the battlefield which may be just fine for the city fight with a lot of terrain/buildings on the table.

I think the idea is a Vanguard scenario with a “hook” that then applies to the KoW game in the same setting.

All in the city as you suggest.


By using the existing terrain rules, mixing obstacles, difficult and blocking pieces you can easily create ‘city’ type tables without really having to change a lot, rules wise.

Would probably work better at lower points on a smaller board - since infantry/cav hordes are the most effected.