Gaming table resurface

My modular gaming table has taken a pounding over the last 25 years. I have occasionally refilled a pothole or two using sand etc. This week I have decided to do a complete resurface. My priority is play not realism.

You can see the original finish of my table in the first image. Old school flat golf course green (plus a few of the potholes I mentioned!). You can also see the old road surface.

I recovered the whole board in a range of coloured grouts, sealed with PVA and water and started the first coat of reflocking. I have managed to get 6x4 done in time for 1000pts tomorrow! CC Welcome!


Looks really nice!

Looking good!
May I ask what you used to stick the clock to the surface of the boards? I use a PVA - water mix and the spray with more dilute PVA - water once this is dry, but I still get some shedding of the clock with repeated use.

M assuming an autocorrect error here? What is “clock”?

Lol! My powers of deduction suggest clock is flock!

Yes it will Always flatten
and shed. I build my original table about 20 years ago. I used PVA and then scattered the flock. Same process this time except I then sprayed the whole thing with Matt varnish. It will still flatten and wear over time. I just look at the wear and remember the good times from games!

Thanks - yes, “clock” is flock!
Same problem with wear but you’re right, I don’t mind so much of the boards have had good use.

its pretty good, no doubt.