G'day all - new to Kings of War

G’day Everyone

Awesome forum - I am new to KOW - discovered it by accident looking for some alternate and cool figures for Frostgrave - bought 3rd edition for the Northern Alliance figures, read something about Vanguard and now I’m hooked.

Ex Mordheim & Fantasy player who got sick of feeling ripped off when a certain company valued profits entirely (now a fully fledged grey beard who is happy to hold a grudge!) so I ventured into fantasy Flights X-Wing (not 2nd ed - that’s another grudge), Warlords Bolt Action and Frostgrave all of which I love.

Hopefully the images of my night stalkers uploaded, painted theses as a priority because I found some cool videos on how to make your own contrast paints so I was keen to give it a go and paint the night stalkers first.

Currently working on Abyssals, Basileans, Northern Alliance and Abyssal Dwarves plus a heap of other unfinished projects (I have some converted for Frostgrave Northern Alliance sitting on the pile)



Welcome to the forum!

I’m looking forward to see your frostgrave/northern alliance too.

Welcome and good work!

Hi Jim,

Welcome to the game and the forum! I hope the games Vanguard and Kings of War will be suitable replacements for Mordheim and Fantasy.

I, too, hold fond memories for Mordheim and (older) editions of Warhammer fantasy. That said, for all the splendor of Mordheim, it;s ruleset doesn’t hold up today and Vanguard is objectively a better game. (Just the ambiance and fluff of Mordheim are soo hard to replicate. Fortunately, one can play Vanguard in the Mordheim setting… :))

As for Warhammer fantasy, I left it in the early days of 8th edition (mainly due to price gouging) and went to KoW. Never looked back. Two years ago I wrote a blog post about the why, here’s it if you’re interested.

Furthermore, keep up the good painting work! Looking forward to your other work too!

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Cheers guys - happy to post some more as I work through my pile of shame - keeps me off the streets :smiley:.
(Ive also got a heap of Gauls/Romans to paint for SPQR /Hail Caesar) - cheers Vince for the link to your blog - Jim :+1:

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