Getting new people started in KoW (1000 pts?)

New to the forum, but I really like what I have seen!

Coming back to KoW after several years off due to my old job having me work nights. Introducing the game to my current gaming group and helping them get their armies started. Trying to get them started with 1000pt armies.

What is everyone’s opinion of the game at the 1000pt level? Is it enough points to get a good feel for the game? Is there any army that falls flat at the 1000pt mark? Please let me know what you guys think.

Michael Lone
Duncan, SC, USA


I think 1k is perfect for a little game. You can play the game of 4x4’ – that will improve your experience.

When it comes to armies, I can’t tell you which is best and what not. But, all I know is that my undead army worked well at 1k points.

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Most armies do well at 1,000 to 1,200 points. I’d just agree not to field units of 220+ points.

A dragon or horde of drakons will do either very well or very poor in a 1,000 point battle, making for a very dull battle. Taking a regiment of drakons or a medium flier, however, is not a problem.

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Welcome to the forum!
My biggest game so far was 1250pt (I’m quite new to KoW). All the games, most of them 1000pt, were tremendous fun. I played against Brotherhood, Kingdom of Men and Dwarfs. None of the players, including me with Undead, had problems building an army.