Ghost fleet Tormented Souls

Hi all, first post.

I love Armada and am really looking forward to converting my Empire of Dust into a ghost fleet. I see that the Spirit has the tormented souls rule that allows it to intentionally move through enemies. I assume this works similarly to ram but wanted to clarify.

They dont have to avoid, but it still triggers an evasion. Does the Spirit also need to make a skill check or can it choose to fail like a ramming vessel?


Welcome to the forum! As for your question, I can’t help at the moment but maybe others can. :smiley:

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Hello, and welcome to the forum, I shall summon a @Scarhandpainting as a big Armada player he may know a definitive answer but until then…

I would play it exactly the same as the ramming rule, the fact Tormented Souls says that you are deliberately allowed to move through enemies overrules the normal procedure of rolling an evade to avoid it.

Just plough straight through and get the ghosts to stab people up while you’re in there

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Hey, welcome to the game.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ghost Fleets ships cannot deliberately move through other ships. As such they cannot set themselves up for a ‘collision’, other than with their final Move Step of an Activation, same as any other fleet. The difference is that if they are forced to move to collide - they move through the enemy ship instead. Same for the other ships moving through the Ghost Fleet ships. This works both ways.

  2. Spirit is an exception. It can deliberately set itself to move through enemy ships. No test to Evade on any side, just the damage described in Spectral Form rule.

More about setting ships to collide and what is and what is not allowed: KoW Armada: Collision Baiting -


I see. So does this apply to the whole fleet? The entire evasion step is skipped whenever a collision would potentially occur when involving a ghost ship and the entity passes through and damage is dealt. This seems quite powerful removing all potential dice rolls that can mitigate it, but collisions have always been pretty painful for both sides.


I think i see the source of my confusion, they dont suffer or inflict a collision and therefore all the rules about collisions, including evasions, are not involved in this. The rule about not being able to intentionally run into another ship is still a rule they obey, with the exception of the Spirit that ignores this.

Do i have that right?

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Yup, you seem to got it right.