Goblin boarding crew - new hobby project

As I don’t want to start new hobby projects until 3rd edition drops, I figured I’d add at least one unlocker to my goblin detachment. To this end, I built the goblin boarding crew:

The Gobz drop a few wooden planks to charge over the swamp unto another island or into a boat!

I really love the crowded congestion on the planks, as this shows the goblin “strength in numbers” well without needing 25+ minis on a regiment base. I’d say a good addition to my swampy goblin project.

More info on my blog:


I like your base and the idea of goblins crossing water to get somewhere else. Good piece of work! The only thing that really strikes me as completely out of place are the wooden planks. It might be the picture but they do not look as made from a rough wood. Would crafted and scratched balsa not make a better job here.

And if I may suggest something more, the front right part looks too empty to my taste. I would try to put another goblin on a small boat or raft there.

I love it. The empty space doesn’t bother me, personally.

A cool bit might be a Goblin falling into the water or just a hand with some bubbles…

@AlQuds and others, thanks for the feedback. Will definately consider balsa wood for any new projects.

As for the empty base, that’s a conscious choice to make the “crowded boardwalks” more pronounced. The raft idea and the goblin-pushed over the edge are all part in a previous work: the goblin spitters. Using the drowned-gobbo is a great idea, might use that in the future!


The complete detachment as it is is posted here:


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