Goblin clan and paint scheme

Hello all,

I just picked up a goblin mega army and some extra goblins and could use a little input.

I’ve searched around but can’t seem to find any information on the what goblin clans there are.

I’ve also searched for possible paint schemes but without picking a clan it’s kind of a moot point.

I’m open to suggestions.

I do have to mention that I don’t want to do a Bad Moonz theme. I’ve just finished painting a Bad Moonz infantry and Kult of Speed army for my 40k games.

Don’t want to do more of the same for KoW.



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As far as I know, it’s probably not that set in stone. There might be mention of clans or groupings in the lore, but almost guaranteed not any fixed color schemes for them.
Go nuts! They don’t even have to have green skin. I have seen both red and yellow skin goblins fielded on the table. When skin color is not even set in stone, there are no limits to the contrast colors you can choose for armor and cloth (depending on which color skin you choose)


i did a quick search for KoW Goblin Lore and found a useful video on reddit, in which it states, and i quote, “There are an immesurable amount of Goblin Clans,…” Find a suitable colour scheme/theme that you like and run with it.
Personally, i’ve opted for a splash of colour in my own clan theme, with Fly Agaric red and white spots prevalent throughout, and a few Moon symbols scattered about, and base wise, i’ve mainly forestry with some cave/rock/ rugged wild landscape themeatic scenery to compliment my own goblins… It makes a nice comparison against my cold blue and white Wintery Northern Alliance army

I’m also running a Northern army. Going with deep blues, whites and browns.

I’m thinking more of a warlock purple and black.

Going heavy on Wiz characters and gadgets.

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looking forward to seeing it come together for you. … there can never be too many Goblins in Pannithor. I’m just starting painting the Goblin king model from the Mega Army set before dropping him in a wolf chariot