Goblin Spider Riders?

Hi, new to the forum and new to KOW - I love what Mantic are doing with the goblins but I have quite a few GW Spider riders hanging around from days gone by. Is there any KOW stats for these? I’m not sure Fleabags stats have the right feel…
Finally, (and there isn’t anything I can see for this), a Giant Spider (ie Mega arachnid monster) stats???
Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:



You’ll find across all the armies that there are models & units that don’t easily port across from GW into KoW.

Fleabags are the best bet for spider riders - giving them the strider/pathfinder items could make them ‘work’ better from a model perspective.

The massive spider could be run a chariot legion - nothing else really has a big enough base size!


i play 20 spider riders as a horde of Fleabags, and give them Maccwars potion of the Caterpiller for Pathfinder which suits the unit well. as suggested by @Sceleris
The Giant Spider is a tough one given its base size. Do you have it with the catapult ?

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Welcome. As everyone has said, the spider riders are absolutely fleabag riders. I have a horde of them and a horde of wolf riders. I think the fact that they’re riding different beasts adds to the chaotic aesthetic of the goblins. (We’ll ride anything we can capture and tie ourselves to!) As well as a chariot regiment, the big spider could also be a mincer mob regiment or troop depending on the base size.


btw, if you need more goblins on spiders to make more units, Wargames Atlantic is releasing goblins soon, and already have spiders out, with the goblin kit including sets of legs to convert the goblins to spider riders…


Thanks for the heads up. Those spiders look very evil

I’ve also seen Goblin lists with allied Forces of Nature “Centaur Bray Striders” … and I thought, that might be a cool way to represent the different stats for the Spider Riders if you wanted to go that way.

But then, no allied Orcs :frowning:


I use my spider riders as fleabags

I use my aracnarok as a goblin chariot.

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