Goblins from the wastelands

2020 not being the coolest of years, I decided to build an army of funny creatures next: Goblins
I enjoy the idea of an enormous horde out of squishy, sneaky creatures with crazy technology and fearsome brutes :slightly_smiling_face: .
So I will go for a lot of infantry, first horde of sharpsticks was finished today. All units will get bright bases (dry earth) to make a contrast to the rather dark (and green) colours of the models.


Nice start. What’s not to love about goblins? Espescially the new models. i’m just bulking up my own Goblin army with a Maga army, so have another 80 plus to paint some Luggits. Hopefully, i’ll get to play them all in 2021,


They look super. Looking forward to more additions as you post them.

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Very nice, my own productivity has stalled but seeing other people’s stuff will get me back on track!


Very cool. As I stated before, I really love the contrast between their green skin and the wasted landscape. Keep 'em coming