"Good Army" Builder for KoW - minimalist compromise

Here is your tool to make simple, non-mantic compromising army lists.

It doesnt have a print feature or details on units, but it can add items. It’s “less is more”. And if you have your book open to your army pages, it will work superbly!





For Ogres, after about 4 characters no more can be selected even with plenty of unlocking units. Anyone else having this issue?

It did seem to operate different than expected, sometimes units would disappear when I added Rabble for example, but mine worked out with 5 characters.

What were you trying to make?


Looks like he fixed it. Also, you can now print lists.

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It appears if you remove an unlocking unit all the characters disappear. However, if you delete then add an unlocking unit then you can pick characters again.

A little buggy, but no complaints here. Better than lugging around pen and paper.

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Nicely done, @MikeGrant! :grinning:

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Works all fine, thanks!

Here’s the first result!

Just one thing: the paladin foot guy upgrade with 2 handed weapons instead of swordnboard seems to be absent.

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Neither the Paladin Chaplain or High Paladin have such an upgrade.

I mean the paladin foot guard infantry.

Quite few updates today.

may i suggest adding unit categories to the selection list? just group them under their types like infantry, heavy infantry, ranged, cavalry, hero, monster, etc. so it can be easier to find the unit you want on the list. this would also put the troops size units close to the regiments/hordes for those types as well, requiring you to hunt down the list less.

is it possible to code it so that instead of the options for troops, heroes, etc vanishing entirely when there is no open slots for them, they just grey out and can’t be added? it would make planning a little easier.

similarly it would be nice if some way could be found to not have it drop all the heros/monsters/etc from your list if you remove a regiment/horde and have too few unlocks. that gets very annoying after awhile, especially if you have a number of heroes kitted out and have to redo them all.

and a counter to state how many troop, hero, monster/titan, and warmachine slots are open would be nice as well…
just a simple Troops:# Any: # Heroes:# Monsters/titans: # Warmachines: # format would work, with it set to subtract from the dedicated slots before it uses an ‘any’ slot.

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Solid recommendations. Keep up the feedback.

Lots of updates to the “on the fly” army builder.



This has been the bane of my workday. Thank you!

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