Good forums to talk about other Tabletop games like 40k or Sigmar

So funny enough my first GW models are 40k models and I know this is a KoW forum, I’ll definatively have some updates here when I get some fantasy models. But where would be some good places to talk about 40k and showcase minis? I know about DakkaDakka… and I know that the showcase function is… kinda broken, I hardly get to see any of the pictures on there (although it could be the browsers I usually use). Anybody know anything else?

international there is only DakkaDakka, and the gallery is not broken (best to upload images to the forum gallery and than link them to the topic)

than there is TableTopWelt which is German speaking (mainly) but very focused on miniatures and army projects (like a Tale of Painters Sommer and 500 Points army building in Winter)

everything else is Instagram and Facebook, but just for the likes no real conversation or tips

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So since I’m American I should probably go to DakkaDakka. Thanks for the tips!

Its not a forum, but I like browsing the mini painting subreddit which often has 40k stuff come by. is still active for painting and showcase beyond fantasy elves.