Good models for reavers?

Thinking about jumping into a Varangur army next. Besides orcs and undead, barbarians are my next favorite fantasy trope.

I’m thinking about running reavers and need some brutal barbarian models.

Any recommendations?

Are you using Mantic stuff for the rest of the army? Or another line? Or basing the army around these brutal Reaver models?

@Mandollies what are you using for Reavers?

I’m thinking about using some Mantic models for maybe the snow trolls.

Right now I’m trying to find good barbarian models.

They’re probably not the sprinting mobs of man-beef you’re looking for, BUT if you’re looking for non-3D printed minis, I’m a fan of Shieldwolf for price and interesting sculpts. Their Northern Alliance line can be picked up quite cheaply alongside their new Valkyries KS: Araves vs Valkyries by Shieldwolf Miniatures — Kickstarter

Valks would make great Fallen :wink: More of the existing line is here: Store 2 — Shieldwolf Miniatures

I’ll keep thinking about running Reavers and see what I can come up with for mass army purposes. Assuming you’re after plastic and/or printed resin, not metal or cast resin.

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Those are actually really good. I could see myself picking some of those up.

I ended up finding these today – I’ve always loved the Avatar kits and have painted up a few already.

Pretty man-beefy to me .


These guys are Khador doomreavers from warmachine.


Those are quite wonderful, sir.

Thank you!


Genuinely impressed you used these for Reavers! I had some that I was using as Ogre Maneaters for WHFB :grimacing:

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So my varangur army is a dark age style one, using mainly historical models rather than fantasy/chaos one - and the the reavers are victrix naked gauls (or the dacians are nice if you want clothes and a big sword!)

More barbarian style and the old gw chaos marauders aren’t bad for the price.

Loads of 3d print options if going that route

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The normal doom reavers are not so big. They need space for their swords of course. The special character doom reaver however is huge, so I can see him being used as an ogre.