Good Sneak models (knife throwing gobbos)

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some decent “sneak” models for my warband. I only want three or four in total and I have the one from the starter set - a really nice resin figure. I’m looking for some more goblins in a similar style that look like they might throw knives. I know I could just use any model but I’d prefer something that looks right. Oh, and I’d obviously like to not spend a fortune :slight_smile:

Any good miniatures people know of?

Goblin ninja?


Thanks! Those are great! Similar enough to the Mantic style and they fit the role nicely :slight_smile:

Still open to any more people may have though - the more the better!

League of Infamy Goblin character!

Yes - he is a great shout. Unfortunately I can’t buy him on his own… :frowning_face:

Yeah - best bet is Ebay probs

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