Goreblight stand in

Been wondering what to use this guy as since the last Bones Kickstarter delivered. Was thinking revenant king on wingless wyrm, but with them no longer having a 50mm base option: Goreblight it is!


That is a great alternative to the fleshy goreblight!


Very nice! Reaper bones…grave golem? Something like that. How big is it compared to a zombie or regular sized mini?

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here’s a work in progress pic alongside some other stuff I’ve been doing recently. He’s on a 50mm square base of that helps picture it.

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That’s great. Thank you.

Is That a GW zombie Dragon? Very nice.

I hope you return to your Undead blog with 3rd edition.

Yeah it’s Zacharias the everliving’s dragon. Will finish him off next weekend maybe and try and get Zach done too. I’ve had to rebase on top of a 75mm (getting him to stand up with his awkward pose was hard enough the first time on that 50mm base).

The blog will return. :slight_smile:

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Did you see this? Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut.

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That’s cool. I’m trying not to buy any new models though, I have way too much already!

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