Green Lady?

As our local group is starting on Vanguard, I am thinking of throwing together a warband or two as well. However, there doesn’t seem to be a really appropriate sort of list for my Green Lady miniatures - the Brotherhood list has none of the flyers or magical creatures, the FoN no knights. Does anyone have a good tip on what to use?

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Vanguard doesn’t really cater for everything and pretty sure no-one gets big flyers.

Think it was developed prior to the brothermark/OotGL split, but FoN and run knights as centaurs? The brotherhood list does have a water elemental iirc.

Could go a bit off spec and get stuff as a count-as Abyssal list?


What miniatures do you have in particular?

You’re right that a combination of knights and monsters isn’t represented - I think this is because the warbands are meant to represent small elite fighting forces on clandestine missions, so large monsters and knights doesn’t naturally fit in.

You could however, use lots of “common mounts” alongside a FoN list and make your knights based on the Naiad stats.

In general in Vanguard you only get 1 “large” model in a typical warband, so perhaps brotherhood with a water elemental (as mentioned) could work? The idea of FoN with the knights run with Centaur stats is also a really good one!

I have 2 foot knights, 5 spearmen, an unlimited amount of archers (they came packed with the spearmen I used for my KOW bases), two mounted knights and two large cav fliers. So what I’m mainly missing is something to represent a large flier of some kind, in a list which also has armoured infantry and cavalry.

I do like the idea of using the Naiad and/or Centaur stats in FoN, gonna mull on that for a bit…

Thanks for the advice!

Hmmm, there aren’t a lot of large flyers in Vanguard. I’m struggling beyond Goblin Winggit and Night Stalkers Mind Screech, neither of which are really appropriate.

With your opponents permission you could use any large and give them the “wings of honeymaze” unique item (for 10 points), but as I recall (don’t have the card with me) you can’t give it to large units. Plus, it is unique so only really usable in campaign mode.

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Yes, I got that impression. Good idea about the Winggit, I can always at least ask…

Thank you all!