Gromgak's Lost Orcs

Want to try to showcase my love for Orcs. I have a lot of GW Orcs that I collected and never got to play Warhammer. So it’s going to be a long ride, because I have A LOT of Orcs…

Starting my showcase off, I have a Krudger/Krusher on Gore. Originally Warboss Grotfang, I bought the miniature used and badly painted off of ebay for $7USD. A good simple green bath and elbow grease cleaned him up and put some new paint on. Really happy how he turned out.


Very nice :smiley:
I have this model unpainted from years ago too!.. one day… :smiley:

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Thank you! I had him for a year before I finally sat down and painted him. :smile:

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That’s not too long at all! :smiley:
I have a bunch of boars from at least 10 years ago now… at best only primed! Well I got fed up with mini gaming back then actually as I didn’t enjoy any of the games so everything went back into storage for a long time until my recent “come back” to it all :slight_smile:
I’m holding off doing any boars for a bit though, as I want to buy a selection of different boar models to mix and match etc. before I get started on any of them. But other Orc and Goblin things are full speed ahead at least painting now :smiley:

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I hear ya, I have a lot of GW Boar Boyz that are primed and based. I kind of wished I had the older boar boyz because they’re easy to rank & file. Recently a friend has given me all of his Orcs on sprues, so I’m very happy to add them to my army.

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I did some basing on some of my miniatures last night. Normally I just do sand and some neutral browns. But now I add some grass, it’s not much but it’s a huge step for me.

Borgut Facebeater (Morax Mansplitter)

Grimgor Ironhide (Gakkamak or Krudger)

Orc Shaman (Godspeaker)

Orc Warboss on Boar (Krudger/Krusher mounted on Gore)

Orc Wardrum


More nice work. I’m another super basic base person, even moreso than you. I just don’t like to detract from my models. I do have a plan to maybe do more on some bases one day, but it’s a long way off, as I would have to do it to 100s of models at once ofc as I want the whole army to look the same.

Jealous of a couple of those older models I don’t have and missed or wasn’t about at the time! Everyone seems to have that Orc Godspeaker model except for me…
And I’d never seen Borgut Facebeater before. Looked at how much he would cost to get now, and it wasn’t a pretty sight! I think I’ll stick to Avatars of War and other places like if I want some more character models… !

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Thank you, I think I understand where you’re coming from. I find it easier to paint the models first before working on the bases, that’s including adding sand and painting the edges. I know people on social media and maybe even on this forum will point out multibasing is the way to go, but I’m not a fan of multibasing.

Don’t be jealous! Hahaha all those models except the wardrums were bought off of ebay. Borgut and Grimgor I bought brand new and yeah they were a bit expensive but I really didn’t care. The Orc Shaman was pre-painted and was sold for like $10USD, basically the same as Grotfang. Just painted and tossed away to be forgotten. If I could find those kind of miniatures, I would definitely snatch those up because I can clean and repair them with little effort.

Avatars of War is good, I have most of their Orc heroes. Orc Shaman is really well done, their Black Orc Warlord is good too, though the two hander weapon option is a weird design… I mean a bent haft? The regular Orc Warlord is a redesigned Grimgor Ironhide, though his torso is stretched upward so the model has this lean that can cause the model to tip.

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Hah, likewise too! I actually really dislike it! Ofc I can just ignore it for myself anyway though :slight_smile:

That Borgut model I can’t find cheaper than £30 ($35-40) right now (and more if I want one unpainted) which is rather silly to buy for me right now at least! However I did find some nicely priced Orc Shamans on ebay (including the one you posted too that I like) that I totally don’t need right now… buuut I just had to buy/bid on anyway, as they were at great prices… :money_mouth_face:

Yeah I’m a huge fan of this Avatars of War Godspeaker dood! I actually bought this model about 10 years ago too but only finished painting him earlier this year:

Agree with your comments on the other AoW models too. I don’t like their plastic Orc warlord kit as much, but I will be after more of their metal models one day for sure :slight_smile:

(edit, also sorry for gumming up your thread now…! :grimacing: )

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Great stuff! Those Brian Nelson Orcs are wonderful models. Looking forward to seeing your units.

I also am not a fan of multibasing. A fully ranked unit looks too good to pass on.


Yeah it’s not going to kill the game if I see other people multibasing. I still play Warhammer Fantasy so I like to have the flexibility to play multiple game systems with the same miniatures.
I just don’t like how people on social media pushes it as the ultimate answer when asking a question on how to properly rank and file certain miniatures like Orc Boar Boys for example.

Great Godspeaker by the way! Love the detailing on that greenie, especially the hood of his cloak and the wraps on his hand! :smile:

Thank you! I’ll try to keep posting updates on my Orc army… I have a lot of Orcs to paint so it’s going to be a long journey. :smiley:

Oh I agree, seeing a fully ranked unit that’s painted and based is amazing. Seeing multiple units like that is awesome. It’s like a badge of honor that you took the time and patience to not only build but paint your army to the very last detail.


So I already painted this awhile back but I figured go ahead and post it.

It’s my Orc Warboss on Wyvern (Krudger on Winged Slasher). I know the base size is supposed to be 75mm found that out at a local tournament from my opponent, but since I mostly play with a couple friends and I play other wargames I keep the base on. :smiley:

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