Guess this is more of a rant than anything... Model Quality

In 2020 how is it, that 15mm miniatures have more detail than the larger 28mm counterparts?? Yes Mantic… pointing at you!! I’ve done multiple scales, 10/15/20(1/72) and obviously 28mm… however especially when it comes to plastics, 15/20 And 28mm… I actually find myself displeased with the quality, especially for £1 per figure in most cases… mold lines, in unholy places, the fact i almost took a cutting disc with my dremel just to clean off the flash on a metal figure which are £7-10 A piece I might add… the grotesques, if they had any more flash could’ve been fined for indecent exposure… out of the 2020 Abyssal Dwarf mega set… the only models I didn’t have design issues with? The Lesser Golems… so many half assed details.

What’s wrong with splitting the legs and torsos to improve model quality? Lower Abyssals have Calfs and Quads that are fused together… it’s getting out of hand now, 10/15 years ago? Sure… with technology and the ability to 3D print a model before casting? These issues should be ironed out now! Even Airfix figures still using the 1960’s molds have more detail in some cases…

Some of us enjoy the modelling as well as the playing, but damn, it hurts my eyes. Stop cheating the hobbyists just to save a few quid here and there… on one of the dwarf shoulder pauldrons, amazing detail on the back side of the shoulder… ironing board on the bit you actually look at from the front!

Sorry for the rant and I understand this might annoy a few people, but it needs to be said, if you want to be seen as the best “Mass Battle System” you need to put that effort into your models too…


Mantic has never had great models, in my opinion. Their roots were budget gaming and it was a fair trade, lower quality, lower cost. They are just now trying to make more expensive and better models. It will take time to learn that skill set.

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I want to see these 15mm figures with more detail.

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Not sure what the OP is referencing but the old Planetfall minis were 10 or 15mm and beautiful.


Plastic undead, orcs, dwarfs and orcs are made by Renedra. I would hardly call then lower quality. But they have some questionable design which are prominent when painted and makes them look low quality. In my opinion, first plastic M@A and Goblins were awful, they hurt my eyes and my soul.


Flames of War, PSC 15mm…

Yeah planetfall minis were amazing for their scale (10mm I believe) oh there is also CAV…

20170908PSCig18 these are by Plastic Soldier Company and are at 15mm scale

Oh and Grenzer Games 15mm plastic historicals

I have soviets from PSC in 15 and 28mm. 15mm are okay for that size, but 28mm are lacking details. They are just…boring miniatures. Incredibly cheap, but boring. 15mm PSC tanks are great.

Any out of the Demonworld range for an example… Sculpted in the mid 90s even.


But this is my point… 28mm miniatures shouldn’t be this poor quality, not everything is hand sculpted these days, which means you can add more detail. Sorry but it comes across as Lazy design work

To be honest, even though i enjoy the look of the finer details, i was a fan of the budget mantic models. For rank and file they were so much easier to paint for me… And i never thought they looked ugly or something. Its mantics decision to go for more details (and this more expensive design and price) but i thought the old policy was smarter. Plus brought more “new” people into the hobby because the financial entry point was so low.


Well, I agree that some miniatures form Mantic suffer from strange design, but in your case I suspect you have miscast sprue.

CAV models are not amazing, in my opinion. They are on par with 1st generation Mantic models; at least the ones I own are. They’re basically Reaper Bones material.

So all 4 sets of sprue are miscast? Lol :rofl::rofl:

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But they’re still only at 15mm sci fi… 28mm shouldn’t be this bad in 2020

Yeah i kinda get that… but it’s not little “unnoticeable” details that are missing… it’s quite obvious and stands out

so how come there are details on this sprue?