Gur Panthers

I want to build a regiment of wild Gur Panthers for my Sylvan Kin, but I have only 2 spare panthers. Does anyone sell them separately?

best place to get cheap panthers without armour is
maybe not that store but the D&D nozlur range

Thanks. They are looking good, but I want to try and build a Mantic only Sylvan Kin army. I didn’t make that clear in my first post. I’ll convert the panthers with greenstuff fur.
So I’m looking for Mantic Gur Panthers.

I picked up some of these and they’re great minis.

However, I found them quite small as Gur Panthers but kept them to use as Battle Cats.

In case someone’s looking for non-Mantic figures, I used Reaper Bones lions and Foundry leopards.

Reaper lions

Foundry leopards

Both fit a cavalry base reasonably well. They’re significantly larger than the Nolzur panthers.

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in that case you’ll have to use bits sellers, or email Mantic and ask when the gurs are being released separately.
You could pick up sisterhood lancers they have no armour and only a little bit of tack on them that you could remove. But you will be paying more for the troops that you’re not using

I was thinking about the panther lancers and they seem to be the preferable option. I emailed Elvis already and he answered that there is no release date yet. The lancers would have the advantage that they are not monopose. I guess I have to browse ebay then…

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I apreciate you going for 100% Mantic, but in the case of the gur panthers it might be a bit hard. Maybe the Mantic guys can do something special for you (just ask them and don’t tell anyone else), but otherwise you might want to search ebay or similar websites.

For my basilean army I chose a different route. These are my “gur panthers” i.e. basilean war dogs.

They ware Warlord games mastiffs. Cheap and nice models, but sadly, no Mantic.

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Thanks Vince, I’ve seen your army and a lot of other brilliant alternatives. It’s just a personal challenge to go all mantic. I bought a lot of elves dirt cheap on ebay, so the extra money for panther lancers is acceptable, I think.

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Those look nice, I used GW wild Wargs for my Herd Gur Panthers, they look very untamed.

I did a test conversion of one of my spare Gur Panthers from the Vanguard Basileans:

I guess that’s what I’ll do with the Panther Lancers.

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