Halfling Ambush

Good day to all. I just ordered the Halfling ambush box and Captain on battle pupper and was curious as to an effective and efficient build. I was thinking braves because they are a good all rounder for anything I add and a unit of close combat and ranged cavalry. I know it’s a short list (haha) but just wanted to double check with the veterans.

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honestly I’d run the infantry as Stalwarts to begin with, halfling melee is a terrible 5+ so getting some hard hitting 4+ attacks means a few will land.

Back that up with a troop of wild lancers for the flanks and wild runners to start doing some distance damage to things and you’re on to a decent start.

If you want to push a bit more then Juggers instead of Wild Lancers have a bit more survivability to help keep them around long enough to charge.

In low points value ambush games shooting can punch above its normal weight due to the amount of low nerve troops.

I assume the stalwarts are the spear infantry then? Is battlescribe a good resource to build lists still?

no. use mantic companion.

Dope. Thank you!

With the Ambush set and creative use of multibasing id build a 7 strong troop of braves (hand weapons), a 7 strong troop of spears and a 6 strong unit with rifles.

Make it so you build the first two so they can fit together into a regiment - so if spears first it’s that reg, braves first its them.

Give one troop of dogs the armoured bodies/heads and spears so can run as juggers. You can probably get a spare mounted hero out of it as well.


That is incredible. I just have to make an extra movement tray. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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