Halflings released - feedback welcome!

Hi all,

We have released the Halflings into the free Warbands PDF on the Mantic site.

The Rules Committee is very interested to hear how your games are going. Mostly for the Halflings, but also any other of the factions you want to give feedback about. To that end, I’m opening up the playtester feedback form to you, the players!

It’s designed to be filled in straight after you’ve played a game, while it is still fresh in your mind. Or later, if you have a good memory, or take good notes.

If you have feedback that’s not from a game, feel free to start up a thread in here or in the Vanguard Fanatics FB group and get a discussion going!


Thanks for this, I’ll use it when I play a game but I don’t have halflings yet…

I mainly play goblins and they seem well set up, with just the banggit seeming over priced by a good 5+ points (costs more than a sneak with holy handgrenades and performs worse). Note that i dont have the winggit or mawpup launcher, but have everything else.

I usually play against Northern Alliance. They are pretty well set up too - harder to judge as i dont actually use them much myself! My son rarely uses ice naiads, seems to think they are pricey on points.

I sometimes play FoN, I have found them tricky to use. Apart from the forest shambler, everything seems a point or two over-priced, but maybe I’m just bad at using them!

As i said, ill try the form after my next game!


There was a massive thread about Vanguard a while ago.

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Yep, I’m in that thread and was paying lots of attention to it at the time :slight_smile:

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I look forward to seeing Vanguard 2d edition, good to hear feedback is being heard.