Halpi's Rift in the Netherlands

Just good news this time:
Just about everyone knows that this year’s campaign will once again be fought on a global scale, which will determine the future of Pannithor for the next expansions/lore
This means:
THE PLACE: Deurne (Heuvelstraat 8, 5751 HN Deurne)
THE TIME/ DATE: from 10:00 to 18:00 29-8-2021
WHAT: Kings of War 3rd
HOW MANY PLAYERS: 16 to 18, no unequal number
WHY: Nothing less than the future of a fictional universe!
COST: nothing at all. (CCGwinkel.nl is sponering)
PRICES: nothing for now, no entrance, no prize pot, so still have to address Mantic about it, but assume just a day of fun.
More info will follow.
Rules: There must be an equal number of good Good and Evil armies. These are sent to a database, which adds up the number of good and evil wins. Whoever is on top at the end of the long (UK) weekend, the lore is written down.
PLEASE NOTE: If you agree to come, you must do so. You can only unsubscribe with a valid reason.


Sounds really fun! How many people do you already have (good / evil)?

Are there any painting requirements?

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There is still room. But most communication will be on Facebook.
Your army must be painted. Every painting standard is good. If you are proud of your army. That is important!


Is it possible for people without facebook to participate, or is that too much of a hassle for the organizers?

And last question (hopefully), are allies allowed?

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I’d love to participate, but no facebook!

gimme time to consult with the wife.

Do you need evil or good armies?



Facebook is just the fasted way for the communitie. But i can enter you. If you are coming with a good or evil army 2300 pnts. Just pm me with your name and contact info then i will put you on the list. " eerst komt, eerst maalt"

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Allies are allowed with the normal Kow rules.

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Hey, organizer here. If want to come, perfect! you are more than welcome.

If you decide to come, let me know via maikel@localhopupshop.nl and ill put your name in the comments with the FB poll. to see we have enough open spaces for the rest of the players.

Dutch point value: 2300, allies allowed, as long as all are evil or good factions.
fully PMC, MMC or FMC painted, no demands.

-edit- or via Hendrik :slight_smile:


I’ll be there!


Lets see sunday how will win for Halpis rift in the swamps of the Netherlands


Looking forward to it! Is there anything changed that I missed on the Facebook? (it kicks me out for not having an account whenever I try to look)

I’m fully vaccinated and will bring masks but should I take a snel test as well?

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Just the standard stuff. Keep distaince. There will be a table in front of you😉.
First game starts at 10:00.

And please support the veneu with buying your drinks there.

See you tommorrow

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Will do!

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Some pics from Halpi’s Rift in the Netherlands.

And save the date notice 12-12-21


Some more pics, was super fun! Thanks for organizing.


@Hendrik @maikel_Ccg

Thanks for hosting the tournament! It was great fun.
(and very nice to see my army in action)

I might post my post-tournament army list review later on if I feel like it.
Amy list:

Analysis: Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis – Vince on all things Kings of War