Halpi's rift specialist spells

Hi all,

Halpi’s rift’s been out now for quite a few months. The good news is, with the pandemic on its retour in the nortern hemisphere, some actual games are being played here and there.

We’ve been starting out our Halpi’s rift campaign slowly ( 2 battles played for me) and I am gladly using the plane specific spells. As we started out in the Material plane, Alchemist’s curse is back!

In the two games (one official and a rematch) I’ve used it, it seems very good. On a lich (spell level 3) it’s six dice plus the defense value of the target. Usually, this results in an 11-dice spell. So, it’s an equivalent of fireball-11 with piercing (4), doing easily 4 or 5 wounds on a mobile (flying, move 7) platform that’s very hard to remove.

Of course, the lich with curse is 190 points and does not score, so I’m not complaining that it’s OP, but in an edition where magic usually is limited to surge and lightning, it’s refreshing to see a new machanic. I’m also looking forward to the new spells in other planes.

Have you used these spells and what do you think about them?

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It is, specifically, a non tournament rule set, so has a little more leeway when it comes to balance etc.

Only played a couple of pretty low key games with the channeling etc and it is fun, although there are a few combos you can min-max a little

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