Handy KoW to GW list

Abyssal Dwarfs - Chaos Dwarfs
Dwarfs - Dwarfs
Elves - High Elves/Wood Elves
Empire of Dust - Tomb Kings
Forces of the Abyss - Chaos Daemons
Forces of Basilea - none
Forces of Nature - none
Goblins - Goblins
Kingdoms of Men - Empire
League of Rhordia - Empire (4th edition)
Nightstalkers - none
Ogres - Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs - Orcs
Ratkin - Skaven
Salamanders - Lizardmen
The Brotherhood - Bretonnians
The Herd - Beastmen
The Varangur - Warriors of Chaos
Trident Realms - Fishmen
Twilight Kin - Dark Elves
Undead - vampire counts/undead (4th edition)


Couple additions from me:

Forces of Nature - Wood Elves
Nightstalkers - Chaos Daemons

As a veteran daemons player, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to where daemonic armies land in KOW, as it isn’t always clear. I split the gods into:

Tzeentch - Forces of the Abyss (shooting/magic heavy)
Khorne - Varangur / Forces of the Abyss (martial elements, no shooting)
Nurgle - Undead
Slaanesh - Nightstalkers

All of them could work better or worse as Abyssals, but in truth only Tizz really fits the 2E form of the army as a short range shooting + magic army, with flying hammers, although Khorne well represents the more martial elements, with line troops, hounds and heavy cav hammers. Ultimately tho Varangur are better at fighting, Undead at shambling and surviving, Nightstalkers at being fast and nightmarish than Abyssals are.

EDIT: You will of course need to update this list with the 24ish new armies of 3E, including stuff like Sylvan Elves which is totally Wood Elves :wink:

Forces of Nature are nothing like GW’s wood Elves. I can field a Forces of Nature list that is mainly Salamanders, Naiads, and Centaurs… these things were never in Wood Elves. Yes Forces of Nature have the Tree spirit and giant eagles units from Wood Elves, but they don’t have the Elves.

Nightstalkers, may be close to Daemons, but I think Forces of the Abyss has them covered and Mantic are trying to make their unique range stand apart.

Forces of the Abyss have enough units and unit options to cover the 4 Chaos gods model range.

If you are old school gw then:

Kislev as Varangur
Dogs of War as Rhordia with Elf allies - for the birdmen/dragon (currently)

My additions were in addition to the options you put, not replacing yours. Or was your intent to create a direct 1 to 1 correlation between WHFB and KOW armies, not a guide that lists the wide range of options available? KOW is a wildly capacious system for modeling, and I think it’s a strength that players have options for porting over WHFB armies.

Clearly I was thinking of the treemonic (Sylvaneth in AOS world) elements of the Wood Elf list, which while they appear in the KOW Elf list have quite a bit of support in the elemental parts of Nature as well. Plus all the centaurs that can act as the various Wood Elf cav - models which I have faced in two separate KOW Nature armies, by the by. Complete with GW Eternal Guard as Naiad Ensarers.

And I stand by Abyssals being a poor match for the various monogod daemons, which is the only way I’ve ever played daemons. But sure, you can do very striped down versions of Abyssals for any of the gods … with Nurgle being particularly poorly represented. Molochs or something I guess.

Abyssals are pretty great for mixed god daemons tho, if your intent was to only match one army to another.

I’d always thought most Nurgle units fit very well into Abyssals, given that the basic troops have regen. Abyssal guard for the blightkings. The drones work as tortured souls. Now the Chroneus has Cloak of Death, any of the big gribblies would be quite thematic or they could act as a Well of Souls. Some characters would work as efreets giving some fire support. Using poxwalkers would give you ghouls/larvae.

But I suppose what one considers essential Nurgle characteristics varies from person to person. Nightstalkers fit well with the protection from shooting for instance.

Shush! They’re hoping nobody will notice! :wink:

But they were missing, indeed.
Thanks to the wood spirit branch (Dryads etc.) in the Elf list you could play them, but the fit not as well as high elves. And they had no tree giant unless you mixed with Nature and took a counts as fire elemental or sth.